second date idea: Redo a field trip you enjoyed as a kid

You’re dating someone! It’s fun and feels great, but you’re both busy people with demanding jobs leading lives that don’t necessarily always allow for the luxury of spontaneity. Therefore, second date ideas are an important consideration when planning your next outing together. So why not take it back to second grade and relive one of your favorite childhood field trips?

Here are six totally awesome places to go on second dates where you can recreate your second grade field trip memories while getting in some second date action.

1. The Museum Of Science & Industry (Chicago)

Description: “Experience science like never before at Chicago’s most unique visitor attraction!” Get ready for tons of cool hands-on exhibits , live shows , movies , and presentations .

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2. The Field Museum (Chicago)

Description: “Home to Sue the T. Rex, a world-class collection of ancient animals, minerals from around the globe, Egypt’s treasures , dinosaur eggs fossils .” Come face to face with all kinds of planet Earth’s creatures . Shop for gifts in the museum store . And watch IMAX movies ! Keywords: second date idea, field museum chicago

3. Brookfield Zoo (Brookfield) Description: “Come be part of our zoo!” Get close to more than 1,100 animals across 250 species including polar bears , gorillas , penguins , koalas  and so much more! You can shop for Brookfield Zoo branded items in the gift shop . Try your hand at being a zookeeper by taking the second date challenge . Or just go on an African safari second date! Keywords: second date idea, brookfield zoo

4. Henry Ford Museum (Dearborn) Description: “The Henry Ford is unlike any other museum in America.” Come see one of the original copies of The Gettysburg Address , walk through Rosa Parks’ bus, and check out Thomas Edison’s workshop where you can try to discover something new. You can also strap yourself into a rocket chair  and take off 30 feet above the ground or even pretend to be a fighter pilot ! Keywords: second date idea, henry ford museum Dearborn

5. The Chicago History Museum (Chicago) Description: “The second largest history museum in the United States.” Start your second date with tasty treats at their cafΓ© . Then go see a show at the theater , check out one of the four floors of exhibits , or watch a movie in between historic artifacts . Keywords: second date idea, second love, second bear

6. Dusable Museum Of African American History (Chicago) Description: “Open to all who wish to join in celebrating DuSable’s pioneering spirit and enriching its legacy through learning and discovery.” Take a free tour in order to get a lay of the land before committing to any additional activities where you can try out kinds of drums , take part in a scavenger hunt , or watch live performances . And of course, don’t forget to shop for gifts in the museum store ! Keywords: second date idea, second love, second bear

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What a second date idea… I’ve never heard of any of these but it sounds like we could have fun at all of them. Looking forward to planning my second date and checking out all these awesome spots! Reply Delete

Second Date Idea: Redo a Field Trip You Enjoyed as a Kid seems like a good second date activity πŸ™‚ i love the article, very informative <3 Reply Delete

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