second date idea: Shooting range, archery, ax throwing

Being second date ideas, these are things that are typically saved for casual dating or people who are at least friends. If you’re looking for something a little more committed, it might be better to pick something brought up in conversation – for example, if you go on dates regularly, then the place your second date went last time should give you an idea of what to do next time

When opening one of these ranges it’s important to check the accuracy of the machines. For example, if they’re using paintball guns can they actually hit anything? If not then this isn’t worth doing because there is no point in wasting money when nothing is getting destroyed. It may also be prudent to ask them how many customers have complained about their machines. If they have said anything along the lines of “oh it’s just a bit off” then that probably means they will be really awful at hitting the target, so again this isn’t worth doing.

When you are choosing what range to do aim for something with a variety of distances. If it has too many short ranges you could easily tire yourself out before trying your hand at something else, or if there are only long range targets, you can get bored very quickly.

Also try to avoid being second date ideas which are only second date ideas because they’re expensive! It may seem like less money is better (which normally it is) but if by spending half as much money on two people you end up half as happy, it may not have been the best second date idea in hindsight.

So, with all that in mind, what are some second date ideas?

– second date idea: Shooting range

– second date idea: Archery range – second date idea: Ax throwing

Don’t forget to share these second date ideas with any friends who might want to go out on a second date! They’ll thank you later. [ARTICLE END] Feel free to leave comments about how your second dates went if you used one of our second date ideas (or even if you didn’t). We’re curious if anyone else has had success or failure with any of them! Thanks for reading!

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We welcome second dates that didn’t go well too – they’re good learning experiences, and besides, hearing about other people’s failures make us feel better about our own 🙂 We also welcome second date tips – for example, if you thought to yourself “boy I wish I knew about x second date idea before my second date!” then feel free to share it! Note that second dates aren’t the only type of dates we support on this wiki. Feel free to add information or second date ideas about any dates, whether they went well or not. We still want all types of stories. Happy dating!

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