Cute date ideas: Buy and read some comic books together

     Cute date ideas are things that most people can agree on as being enjoyable. Watching a movie together, going for dinner, or having a nice picnic in the park are all considered cute dates. Taking your significant other to the zoo is another traditional Cute Date idea.

    Cute dates don’t have to be normal date ideas though. If you’re looking for something new and different, consider reading some comic books together with your date! Not only will this give you something to talk about after, but it also might make you both look at comics in an entirely new way!

     Now before your eyes glaze over thinking about all of the boring Cute Dates you could go on instead of reading comic books together , let’s remember that Cute Dates don’t have to be expensive, and there are Cute Date ideas all around you. If your local CVS sells comics, it would only take a few dollars and a bit of time for you to pick out some comics and read them together at the CVS (assuming its not one of those CVS’s that forces people to buy candy).

    If CVS does not sell comics, never fear! That just means that you’ll have to go somewhere else. A lot of bookstores do carry Comics now because they’re such good sellers , so why not check out what your local bookstore has? Sure, reading comics in a loud store may not be as nice as sitting next to the fire back home with the comic in hand, but at least its Cute Date Material.

    So if neither CVS nor your local bookstore carry Comics, why not go to a different kind of store? Comic book stores are always fun to visit with friends, and even date material! Just make sure that you take a nice trip there by car or public transportation- no one wants a Cute Date ending in a mugging because the Cute Date didn’t think it was Cute enough.

     If you want to make going on Cute Dates more interesting, try picking out some comics together that haven’t been made into movies. By doing this, both of you will have read something that the other hasn’t before having something else to talk about once you’re ready to leave your Cute Date. If you don’t care about the Cute Date that much, then try picking out some comics of an entirely different kind. If you both like comedy more than anything else, try picking up a comic without any words at all – chances are it’ll be Cute enough for even the most cynically Cute Date!

    So whether you buy some new comics or head to the bookstore to pick them up, this will certainly make for a great Cute Date . You can talk about what you liked and disliked about each issue while either on your Cute Date or after it. And thanks to CVS being open 24 hours, there’s no reason why you can’t do this late into night if you’re Cute Date is Cute enough!

    If you do want to try and Cute it up and go the extra mile, then why not go sit in a park and chat about your Cute Date while eating some Cute Cakes ? I’m sure that both of you will have Cute things to say. And if either of you are feeling adventurous, there’s no reason why this Cute date idea has to be limited to cakes alone – go ahead and eat some Ice Cream , or even Tacos ! Your options are basically endless when Categorically Categorizing Cutes .

So whether you decide on heading down to your local bookstore or just stay home with an issue or two of something new, be sure that your date leaves Cute enough for you to want to go on Cute Dates with them again in the future. And don’t forget that Cute Dates like these can basically be done whenever and wherever- your Cute Date doesn’t always have to be limited to nights!

     So sit down, pick up a comic book, and enjoy your Cute Date! [ARTICLE END]

Note: This is an example of what not to do when writing articles: keep it short and sweet. No one wants to read a monstrosity like this. Also, never copy and paste from Wikipedia (or any other source) verbatim; paraphrase everything as best you can . Replace any proper names (comic books, authors, artists) with Cute Names, Cute Titles, Cute Terms. Remember to avoid using Categorized C Words , especially C Words Categorically Categorizing Cutes . Whatever you do, don’t write an article that’s longer than three paragraphs long.

Note: You may also want to use other rhetorical strategies to make your writing sound more natural and flow better. Here are some examples of the kinds of things you can do while editing your work: provide vivid details; appeal to emotion; personalize the argument ; employ sarcasm or irony ; contrast ideas with one another; dehumanize opponents (turn them into animals or robots); violate conversational maxims (for example, by starting a sentence with “because” instead of “therefore” or by beginning multiple sentences with the same word); rephrase information to make it sound better; use Cute Cliches ; etc.

Note: If you need help, ask your teacher for Categorical Categorizing Cues . Also, here are some Cutesy Citing Cues for citation styles other than APA : MLA , Chicago , and OWL . Consult whichever style you’re supposed to use when paraphrasing or citing others’ work. You might even want to ask your teacher how Cute he/she thinks it is that you’re writing this little assignment of yours. If not, don’t fret – just follow these few simple rules and there’s no reason why won’t think that your article is Cute enough for an A+.

You can find more Cute Citing Cues on this blog.

  Background information [to use as knowledge, not to be copied verbatim]: Again, both of you will at least have to have a passing interest in comic books. But if you both do, it can be neat to start a new series that you haven’t read before. Try to pick one that both of you don’t know much about. That way, you can both experience it with fresh eyes.

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