Cute date ideas: Do a seasonally themed date

Everyone loves a cute date idea, so this article is all about coming up with some fun ideas that are both seasonal and adorable. The best part about doing themed dates is that they need little planning in advance, so it’s perfect when you’re feeling spontaneous.

Winter Cute Date Ideas

Building a snowman – If you really want to stick with winter then try building a snowman together. It could be just the two of you or maybe even involve friends too!

Snowball fight – Snowballs can be hard to catch sometimes because they’re slippery but if you’re looking for something simple and playful, why not have a snowball fight? Cuddle afterwards by the fireplace…or get warm in your room 😉

Hot cocoa and a movie – Cuddling up together on the couch with hot cocoa and watching your favorite movie is another great idea.

Eggnog – This seasonal drink is perfect for those cold winter nights. It’s also very rich, so you only need a little bit.

Winter Olympics (boyfriend) – If your boyfriend likes sports then this could be a cute date for you both to watch the Winter Olympics together! Just make sure you both agree on which teams to cheer for otherwise it could get awkward…

Snowman baking (boyfriend) – These snowmen don’t melt so they can stand guard around your cookies as they bake in the oven. Cute and delicious! Make sure you eat them before he does…

Winter Cute Dates in General – Watching a holiday movie, going ice skating, taking a walk in the snow… There are lots of options for unique winter date ideas. The best part is that you can do them all together!

Spring Cute Date Ideas

Easter egg painting – Painting eggs might sound very basic but it’s actually really fun and colorful. Plus your finished products will look amazing.

Easter bunny hunt (boyfriend) – Hide some baskets for your boyfriend to find then watch how excited he gets when he finds them. It’ll be especially cute if he puts on a big Easter hat 🙂

Bunny baking (boyfriend) – Decorate some cupcakes with your boyfriend considering they’re rabbit-shaped cupcakes. As long as he doesn’t eat too much and spoil his dinner, this could be a really cute date idea.

Easter Cute Dates in General – Going to the park together, going on Easter egg hunts together, spending time with family. There are lots of ways for you to enjoy spring together!

Summer Cute Date Ideas

Going for a swim – The only downside about summer is that it’s so busy and there’s not as many options as winter or spring as far as seasonal activities go. Still, consider going swimming if you have access to a pool or an ocean or lake or something like that.

Picnic at the park (boyfriend) – If your boyfriend likes eating outdoors then this would be a great date idea for you both. Prepare a picnic basket and enjoy the weather together.

Pool Cute Dates in General – Going swimming is good but there are lots of other fun pool activities you can try too like water balloon fights, slip n’ slides, or inflatable obstacle courses.

Fall Cute Date Ideas

Pumpkin carving (boyfriend) – Carving pumpkins is a fall tradition that most people do with their families so why not spend some time carving them with your boyfriend instead? You might have to trade off on doing the actual cutting since it’s pretty dangerous but it’ll be worth it for the finished product!

Hot chocolate and a scary movie (boyfriend) – Cuddling up together on the couch with hot cocoa and watching your favorite horror movie is another great idea.

Fall Cute Dates in General – Going to the pumpkin patch, apple picking, making a scarecrow are all seasonal activities that are perfect for fall! You can enjoy them together or do them on your own if you’re already doing something else. It’s not important that you both participate in every date but it could be fun to try something new together.

No matter what season it is, dating can always be fun. Cute dates don’t have to include extravagant dinners or super expensive gifts ordered online. Simple things like building a snowman or painting Easter eggs can also make cute date ideas!

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