cute date ideas: Have an impromptu 4th of July celebration

Have you ever realized that there’s never an excuse to get cute outfits and get all dressed up for any holiday celebration?

I know, I’ve been in love with my sweatpants too.

However, college is the time in your life when you should be celebrating every holiday in cute clothes! Or really – anytime in cute clothes is a good time. – cute outfits

Here are a few cute date ideas to get you through any holiday in cute clothes!

1. Have an impromptu 4th of July celebration!

We all know that there’s nothing more American than celebrating your country by purchasing food from a man on the side of the road and setting it off in a park.

So skip the fireworks this year and take your cute date in cute red, white, and blue outfits to a local BBQ!  Don’t forget the salad.  Salad is not just for dinner anymore!

2. Don’t starve yourself on Thanksgiving

There’s nothing cute about looking at Pinterest pictures of cute outfits while you’re hungry.

So don’t starve yourself on Thanksgiving to fit into cute clothes! – cute outfits

      Instead, try a cute date that still falls in line with your cute outfits but let’s you eat too!

      Why not have an impromptu Thanksgiving dinner for the two of you!? Just make sure to have the cute fall decorations so it looks like this cute outing was planned all along.

3. Go out and have a bunch of beers and bring green food coloring for the beer

Let’s be real though- sometimes alcohol is important for cute dates.

Whether you’re celebrating St. Patrick’s Day or just looking for some fun ways to spice up your Friday night- go out and have a few cute beers!

Who says cute girls can’t be seen in cute outfits drinking cute beer!? – cute outfits

While you’re at it, why not bring some green food coloring along to make your cute beer even more cute?  Trust me- the cuter the better.

So instead of staying in this St. Patrick’s Day and looking at pictures of cute St. Patrick’s day outfits on Pinterest- go out with some friends and celebrate the holiday right!  Just don’t forget to take some cute pics to post on tumblr or your Facebook for all your friends to see that you had fun on St. Pattys’ day too!  

And sorry Mom…but this is what happens when I’m left unattended.  It’s cute outfits all around!

And that concludes cute date ideas to get you through any holiday in cute clothes!  Did this help or did it just make you want to go try these cute dates? Comment below!  

I hope everyone has a fun and safe 4th of July, Thanksgiving, St. Patrick’s Day, Valentine’s day… well…the list could go on forever.

But I can’t wait to see what cute date ideas you come up with for New Years Eve in your cute clothes too! -cute outfits- 😉

So sorry guys-but unless I find anything else cute today- this is the end of my time posting here at Cute Outfits Blog.  

I will miss cute outfits and cute date ideas, cute girls in cute clothes – all of it.

But I want to thank you all for your support!  It’s been great- but I have found a cute outfit blog more suited to my style so I am going to leave cute outfits behind and move on.

All the best from Cute Outfits Blog!

Have an impromptu Halloween party…in cute costumes of course 😉 -cute costumes-

Ok seriously guys? You can’t tell me that a power outage or a hurricane is a good excuse not to celebrate ANY holiday in cute clothes. So here are some cute date ideas for any holiday:

          1. Have an impromptu Halloween Party!

I mean come on- nothing is better than cute costumes, cute candy, cute music and cute girls.  So skip the dark scary night outside and have an impromptu Halloween party inside!

          2. Throw a cute New Years Eve Party

Who says you have to wait until December 31st to celebrate? -cute outfits-

          We all know every day should be a good day in cute clothes so why waste time from not celebrating from now til then!?

So join me this year and let’s make every holiday a great one by throwing a cute outfit themed party that we can all enjoy- starting with Halloween!               3. Have an impromptu Valentine’s Day date

Feb 14th might still be months away but cute dates don’t have to fit into holiday time frames.  If you want to go out with your cute girlfriends or cute guy friends, just do it!

So why not plan it tonight!? -cute outfits-

Doesn’t need to be a big deal- just get cute, grab some cute friends and have an impromptu cute date night out on the town!             4. Throw an impromptu St. Patrick’s Day party

Everyone loves Irish food (if its green) and cute outfits in March- so what better way to celebrate than by throwing an impromptu St Patrick’s day party!? -cute outfits-

          5. Go for a cute walk outdoors…in winter; inside; in cute clothes

Ok so this one is my favorite cute date idea.  Why not go for a cute walk in the snow; in your cute shoes (don’t slip); with cute friends (if you can find any) and in cute outfits!? -cute outfits-

          6. Go on a cute Scavenger Hunt!

Who says cute date ideas have to stay inside?  So why not plan an impromptu cute scavanger hunt around your city or town with some cute friends?  Just make sure it’s worth the while when you’re all done!

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