Cute date ideas: Make matching t-shirts

                 Cute date ideas are usually hard to think up. What are you going to do? Watch a movie, go out for ice cream, play mini-golf? Sometimes it’s fun to just do something lowkey and relaxing. But other times, you want something really romantic or even silly! Today I’m gonna list lots of cute date ideas that your partner would definitely enjoy doing with you. Know what else is great about these activities? You can make matching t-shirts!

                 Cute Date Idea #1: Laser Tag!

            Everyone loves laser tag! Plus if you’re playing at night time it’d be extra sweet. Time to pull out the Nerf guns and blast each with light beams! If your partner is a Harry Potter fan they’d probably love this Cute Date Idea. It would be even better if you two were wearing Quidditch uniforms! Then, it’d be like you guys were really flying around on brooms together, zooming after the golden snitch. *daydreams about sports with bae*

                 Cute Date Idea #2: Make little candy hearts and find a spot to lay them down

            If your partner loves candy but doesn’t want to gain all that weight before Valentine’s day rolls around, then this Cute Date Idea might just be for you! All you have to do is buy some red candies (it can be anything from chocolates Skittles) and make tiny hearts out of them. Then you can find a nice spot together, whether it’s in the park or in your living room, and lay down all the tiny candy hearts! You won’t even have to say “Be Mine” because all the candy hearts will be spelling it out for you. Cute right? Yeah I think so too.

                 Cute Date Idea #3: Go on a strawberry picking date

            If you’re into nature and fresh air then this Cute Date Idea is perfect for you! All you’ll need is a car (or maybe some willows and candles if you’re going by foot) and some money to pay for those sweet strawberries. It’d be pretty romantic to pick the freshest strawberries together, and you can even make it even CUTER by making each other strawberry-themed t-shirts!

                 Cute Date Idea #4: Go to a dog park together

            This Cute Date Idea would be especially great if your partner is the type of person to love dogs. All you’ll need are comfortable shoes, some water for yourself (and doggy treats!), and lots of hugs for all those adorable dogs that are bound to be running around at the park. I know what you’re thinking “What about me?” Well don’t worry my friend, they have cat parks too! Just imagine how CUTE it’d be if you two were wearing Caticorn t-shirts while cuddling with all those kitties! CUTENESS OVERLOAD.

                 Cute Date Idea #5: Rent out a private room in a board game cafe

            If you think your partner might enjoy doing something more physical, then this Cute Date Idea is perfect for you! Just imagine, all the kinky things you could do… *wink wink* But, yeah it’d be pretty fun to go to one of those cafes because you get to play so many different games with your partner. Plus they have lots of snacks and drinks there so everyone wins. You know what else would be CUTE? If you guys were wearing Venn Diagram t-shirts while playing board games together! Once again Cuteness Overload.

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