Romantic date ideas: Meet each in a bar, assume new identities, and try to pick each other up

“You’re early, sweetie. Almost ready?”

“Almost! I just need to grab my wallet.”

“Ok.” Your girlfriend’s voice echoes through the bathroom as she puts on her lip stick. You glance at the clock on your phone and see that you still have some time before you’ll be meeting up with John and Kate for drinks. Knowing what they’ve got planned, you already know it will be an exciting night.

There’s a knock at the door, “Hey! They’re here!”

“I’m almost done babe!” Her response is muffled due to the soundproof walls of the bathroom. You hurry over to open the door anyways, though, because you can hear them chatting outside in hushed voices. You open the door, and are greeted by your friends.

“Hey! Glad you could make it!” They walk in with a familiar look of excitement on their faces. The kind of excitement that can only come from mischief.

Kate waltzes over to give you a hug, “Happy birthday again!” Her perfume fills your nose as she holds you tightly around your midsection, arms wrapped firmly around your back. Before she lets go, she leans in close and whispers in your ear: “We’ve got something special planned for tonight.” She pulls away cause John is standing right next to her. He’s wearing his typical button down shirt and top hat combo. It looks like he just bought new ones since they’re both fairly clean, not too wrinkled. You aren’t sure if you’ve ever seen him wear the same one twice, but he must have a lot of different shirts with top hats on them.

“Happy birthday, dude!” He says in his usually boisterous tone. You return Kate’s hug and then John’s handshake along with it. “Come on mate, let’s get to the bar before they run out of our good stuff.”

You nod and follow your friends out the door while grabbing your wallet on the way out. They had asked you what you wanted to do for your birthday earlier this week while texting back and forth about their plans for tonight (or lack thereof). But both of them were busy work so they bailed on any ideas. You had suggested a bar, or even going out to dinner, but they both said that wasn’t their style. Just as you’re about to leave your apartment behind for the night, Kate calls over her shoulder: “Don’t forget to wear something nice!” Of course she’d notice that you’re wearing super casual attire on a Friday night.

“You don’t think I’m dressed well enough? I’ve got on some slacks and a button down…” You trail off as you look at their faces. They absolutely do not care what you wear as long as it’s comfortable and has pockets somehow someway .

“No dude! It’s just…bar attire is kind of being informal.” John looks at Kate who nods in agreement.

“Oh, duh! I only wear dress clothes to work on Fridays.” A quick wink from Kate causes you to blush slightly. You’re sure it’s more noticeable than she was hoping for because John clears his throat and averts his gaze. “I’ll be right back!” You dash off leaving the front door of your apartment wide open…

And come back wearing jeans, a plain t-shirt, and some old kicks you got for free with some purchase years ago that are still in good condition.

“Much better! Now let’s go!” They both smile as they turn around to head out the front door again. A thrill courses through your body at whatever surprise is waiting tonight, but all too quickly it’s gone because you’re standing in the elevator. The ride down to the first floor is swift and uneventful, which is just how you like it.

“Taxi or Uber?” Kate and John both look at you with expressions that say: “Are we crazy or something?!”

It takes a second for you to realize why they would give such a strange look, but by then it’s too late to rephrase the question. You shrug your shoulders and mutter “Taxi” under your breath as you pull out your phone to call one…

The three of you step outside into the warm night air. It almost feels like walking out onto a beach even though there isn’t a breeze in sight. You can see an endless stream of people walking around the city, having fun. Yet, for some reason you’re calm and collected about everything tonight even though it’s your birthday. It feels weird being out on a Friday night with close friends , but that could just be because you never do anything like this. You shiver slightly as you walk down the street towards the taxi stand since the air has cooled off immensely within such a short time of sundown.

A car pulls up to where you all are standing and after opening the door himself, John greets the driver: “Hiya Dewey!” The driver returns John’s greeting with one of his own and continues making small talk as he drives off into traffic causing Kate and your minds to wander…

As Dewey is driving down the busy streets of downtown, he continues talking to John about how work has been lately. He’s always wanted to be a taxi driver. If it wasn’t for his wife moving in with her sister because she couldn’t stand him anymore, then he would never come home and would just be driving all the time. Dewey was nice enough but like most people nowadays, had nothing better to do than talk your ear off about boring things…

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