Winter date ideas: Attempt to learn calligraphy

It’s probably about time to start planning your Winter date ideas. Winter is a great time for a cozy date night in with someone you’re digging or with a close friend, but Winter also provides plenty of options for heading out on a Winter date as well! Here are some Winter date ideas to consider:

– Attend an ice hockey game together. Maybe you already have tickets and it would be the perfect time to give those skates another go.

– Hit up that winter market that has been popping up all over the city this season.

– Sledding at your favourite park. Bonus points if you bring s’mores stuff along!

Yes, Winter can present serious weather challenges, but it can also be the best time to bundle up and get outside! Winter is also a great time for some Winter date ideas that require little prep work.

– For the book lovers among us, snuggle up together with some hot chocolate while reading your favourite novels.

– Learn how to make corndogs over an open fire (fun times making fun of your partner who can’t figure out how to use a lighter).

While Winter might seem super romantic, it’s also a good idea to mix in some Winter date ideas that don’t involve a whole lot of romance. It’s easy to go overboard during this season but sometimes it’s nice just enjoy each other’s company without having to constantly be romantic. So here are two Winter date ideas that don’t involve a lot of romance:

– Winter date ideas without the romantic factor: bowl together! Bowling is an easy Winter date idea and you can even dress up in all your favourite Winter gear, like puffy coats and toques and gloves and scarves and mittens.

– Winter date ideas for when it’s just too cold to move: invest in Meowbox -style subscription boxes so you’ll always have something fun to open together no matter what month it is!

And who knows? Maybe with this Winter date ideas list under your belt, you’ll be able to craft an entire year’s worth of dates! If winter really isn’t your thing, well maybe try planning some Spring date ideas or Fall date ideas instead. Winter date ideas are abundant but sometimes it is nice to mix things up!

– Winter date ideas: learn calligraphy together

Now that you know some Winter date ideas, it’s time to put those Winter coat skills into action and actually go out with your Valentine this Winter! Trust us, Winter doesn’t have to be all about cuddling up on the couch with a blanket fort – there are plenty of fun dates you can do together in between super snuggly moments. So don’t let winter get you down, start planning your Winter date tonight!

Disclaimer : This post was written just for fun. I am not an expert. Please don’t attempt any of these Winter Date Ideas without extensive research or professional training, as Winter dates can be dangerous. Sizes and measurements are for comedic effect – I am not responsible for any injuries or damages that occur due to attempting these Winter Date Ideas . Use at your own risk.

Date idea disclaimer: Winter is cold, winter activities are dangerous , Winter has limited daylight hours , Winter is often filled with ice and snow which also pose dangers … Please do not attempt to recreate anything you see in this blog post without professional training. Don’t blame me if you break a limb (or someone else breaks one). These articles are meant for comedic effect only. Any resemblance to actual persons living or dead is purely coincidental; all celebrity photos are used in compliance with the Fair Use Act. The article above was written by me and is (c) 2017 under the Creative Commons Attribution-Non Commercial – No Derivatives license, please contact me for permission to repost or reblog.

I created this blog in order to post things that I would normally just send to close friends, with a bit more permanence than Facebook & Google+ can provide. So if you’re interested in reading content from my blog about Winter Date Ideas just be warned: Winter date ideas are potentially dangerous , Winter dates typically involve lots of cuddling and Winter season is short … So make sure you don’t miss out on your Winter fun and… Stay warm! (That’s Winter code for Get snuggly!)

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Other disclosure: Some of these articles were written years ago but they still represent my views today. These articles do not reflect any new updates from myself nor should they be taken as gospel truth when planning Winter date ideas … Please use them as a source of inspiration when planning Winter date activities but don’t be afraid to get creative or come up with Winter Date Ideas of your own. Winter date ideas are endless, I’m not the only one with Winter date ideas after all! And while you’re here why not check out some of these other articles too while you’re at it?

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