Winter date ideas: Watch a movie you’ve both seen a bunch and try to make memes from it

Romantic Winter date ideas include things like iceskating, hot cocoa and snow ball fights.

I’ll see your Winter date ideas and raise you a Winter movie night with memes from my favorite movies! So iceskating and cocoa is fine for a Winter first or second or third date but eventually somebody’s going to have to put on some pants. Might as well be you because maybe she won’t laugh at your jokes about Dr. Cox if she thinks you’re sexy!

Winter does not discriminate. It takes the good with the bad, it always delivers. In Winter you can get beautiful snowfall that blankets everything in a glistening white layer of hope…and then you hit a patch of black ice and immediately launch over the side of a bridge. Winter is not all bad though because it does inspire some pretty fun Winter date ideas like Winter movie nights.

So grab your best girl and head to the theater, make sure you’ve got your snacks, warm clothes and lots of blankets because Winter weather can be unpredictable. Once you’re settled in with everything you need for Winter movie night just put on one of these flicks that’ll give you plenty of Winter date memes once

you’re back home hanging out in front of the fire drinking cocoa or iceskating or whatever.

The Secret Life of Pets – Max finds himself lost in New York City after his owner brings another dog home. Max has to learn how to survive on the streets until he can find a way to get back home. Winter date idea: Winter movie night for Max and Katie is ruined when her mom makes them go on some stupid nature walk instead. Venture out of the house, see who can make it back first without their Winter date memes spoiled by an accident with a river and that Nature Channel guy instead!

Sisters – Sisters Amy and Tina decide to throw one last massive pre-Adulthood party before they’re forced to fly the coop and join the real world as adults. Winter date idea: I’m pretty sure we’ve all been forced into adulthood at gunpoint or Winter movie night. What better way to celebrate Winter than by reliving those glory days where you could throw whatever kind of party you wanted on Winter movie night?

The Matrix – In Winter date ideas, Winter is coming. So how about Winter movie night on the couch with a hero that will free us from Winter date meme imprisonment? If you’re done, or if she’s used to Winter movie nights where all you do is sit around and do nothing…give her a kiss!

Rise of the Guardians – The immortal Guardians team up to protect children everywhere from Pitch Black who always knows just when kids are going to be at their most vulnerable so he can corrupt them. Winter date idea: Let’s get something straight here. I think Winter movie nights should have some romance but not too much because more importantly your Winter date also needs to know that you’re not afraid to go Winter movie night on some jerks.

Hotel Transylvania – Dracula runs a Winter getaway for monsters called Hotel Transylvania. But when his human daughter Mavis finally meets a human boy her age and brings him back to the hotel, Dracula must tell the other monsters that their Winter date ideas will have to change from eating people all Winter long because humans are more delicious in Winter…to liking humans in Winter! Winter date idea: Ditch the wacky Winter movie night antics and let your monster flag fly instead. Kids may not understand our Winter date memes but they’ll be happy about avoiding having an extra large monster around to eat them this Winter.

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