Winter date ideas: Write letters to folks who might want them or folks who don’t

I don’t know about you, but I do not like winter. It’s cold, it’s wet, and there are no leaves to rake (all of which, I’m sure , is why everyone loves Winter so much.) Winter gets me down. Winter makes me want to curl up in my big comfy bed with a mug of hot chocolate and some trashy romance novel (a guilty pleasure) and stay there for all eternity.

On rare occasions Winter can be fun though! Winter can be romantic! Here are some ideas for February dates that might help you woo your beloved:

1. Write love notes  – Grab a pen and some pretty stationery or just steal the writing paper from work Write little messages of adoration to your sweetheart. Leave them in random places, like their shoe or taped to the bathroom mirror. If Winter has you down send Winter love notes! Winter is cold and dreary so why not brighten up Winter with some Winter love?

2. Write letters  – You can write a letter to anyone . Remember how much you loved getting letters as a kid? Who doesn’t love getting mail anymore? Who are you writing letters to? Write your favorite celebrity an adoring fan letter. Send an encouraging letter of encouragement to someone who needs it (the teacher that failed you, the person next door who lost their job.) Is there someone who works too hard or hardly ever gets thanked for what they do? Thank them with a letter!

3. Winter letters  – Write a letter, type a letter, call someone on the phone and tell them all about your Winter woes. Winter is always getting a bad rap for being cold and dark, but Winter can actually be beautiful too. With a bit of luck a Winter wonderland will happen in your corner of the world this year. Winter might suck right now but it’s passing quickly so try to appreciate Winter while you still have Winter .

Maybe I’ll add italicizing for emphasis later… but let me know if it detracts from readability! Also please let me know if there are any typos or glaring errors 🙂

Thank you very much! This is an awesome idea and would make a great addition to the site! Winter is definitely depressing and even though writing letters in Winter might be against your better judgement, it sounds like a pretty fun thing to do. I will add this and maybe we can even work on the wording (like punctuation and capitalization, etc.) so it’s consistent enough for us old folks…lol

P.S.: What are you doing up at 3 AM? haha 🙂 Glad you liked this idea so much! Winter is really making me cranky =) …I am also actually turning 25 tomorrow so my night owl tendencies are getting worse instead of better! I’m tempted to stay up past 6 AM just out of spite of Winter mocking me with its warm weather =\ Thank you for your support, you’re awesome! Winter is just so depressing to me too. I don’t know why but it really gets me down. Winter letters are a great idea though!! I’ll get this article published right away 🙂

1) Winter love notes – great for Winter dates or Winter-themed wedding proposals 2) Winter Letters – this would be fun to do with kids 3) Winter letters – again, good for Winter theme weddings 4) Miniature letter writing parties 5) Letter writing campaigns 6) Personal ads in the newspaper 7) Hosting a penpal day 8) Seasonal care package suggestions …see how many different ways you can use your letter-writing skills 9-) So tell us which of these ideas sound the best to you and your Winter sweetie? Winter is so romantic, isn’t it? Winter letters are the way to go! Winter love notes are also super cute. I guess Winter letters would be kind of depressing… but maybe they’d cheer someone up too. What do you think about Winter love notes versus Winter letters?

Winter is obviously a time for reflection, contemplation, introspection. And that’s why letter-writing makes complete sense – especially if you’re writing to someone who might not realize how much you appreciate them or don’t have the opportunity to let them know themselves.

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