First Date Ideas: Get mani-pedis

A mani-pedi may seem like something you do when you need to unwind after a stressful week, but the act of getting one is so much more than that. First dates are nerve-wracking for most people, and there’s nothing more comforting than having both your hands and feet feel pampered AF.

Stripping off nail polish can sometimes be difficult , so if your date opts for polish, try not to give them grief about it. Obviously don’t show up in full nail art or anything (that would just be weird), but also refrain from saying things like “oh my god it’s been forever since I’ve had au natural nails.”

If your date decides they want manicured nails, get right with it and stop making them feel uncomfortable. First, your date will appreciate that they don’t have to watch you struggle with their nails any longer than necessary. Second, stripping off nail polish is a pain in the ass (yes literally).

When you make the decision to get a mani-pedi on a first date, here’s how it should play out: First, pick the time of day where you’ll be most awake and alert for each other. Noon or early evening works best as opposed to nighttime because it can be easy to fall asleep during your treatment if you’re lounging back and letting the technician pamper your hands and feet.

Second, book either two pedicures or two manicures at opposite ends of the salon. While you’re in the chair getting your pedicure, they can be having their manicure done at another station. This way you’re not both sitting next to each other with wet feet and hands.

Third, when it’s time for your foot massage , put on some relaxing music instead of that full-volume Nicki Minaj album you were pumping before your tech started working on your feet. You’ll thank yourself later when you don’t have to listen to “Anaconda” while your date is being treated to a wonderful foot rub .

Fourth, after the massages are over, walk home or grab an Uber so that you can continue chatting about how much fun you had together. Going out for brunch after is a nice call, but it’s not necessary.

So there you have it: four easy steps to nail your first date with a mani-pedi .

In the First Date Ideas article series, we give you some fun and flirty ideas for dates that can be done at home and cost little to no money (and if they do cost any monies, we will let you know). We hope that these ideas help bring back some excitement into your dating life or even help take off the edge from that new relationship you found yourself in. Enjoy!

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Title: First Date Ideas: Get mani-pedis

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Background information [to use as knowledge]: Whether or not your date opts for polish is up to them, but you can’t deny how great both of your hands and feet will feel when you’re done.

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