First Date Ideas: Go for a swim

If you’re looking for a casual first date idea for someone who doesn’t want to do the typical dinner and movie night, consider giving swimming a try. Remember that this person probably needs to be comfortable with you, so don’t ask him or her if they’re ready to go skinny dipping.

Here are some things to keep in mind before you hit the pool:

First off, know your location! There may not be any lifeguards on duty at a community pool. Do some research into the area/pool that you will be visiting and make sure it is well supplied with First Aid kits and personnel willing and able to help others in need (beyond just flotation devices). At the very least, make sure there are adequate First Aid First Response Kits :

Next, know your swimwear! If you wear bikinis or trunks, there may be no problem. But if you prefer board shorts or boy cut briefs, make sure that they are finely fitted all around. You don’t want any embarrassing wardrobe malfunctions on the first date! Also check out this guide to Swimwear for Men .

And of course, go easy on the gels and scents. First dates are about getting to know another person’s personality and body language more than their sense of smell. Regardless of gender preference, First Dates should not end in olfactory overload. Although smelling good is good…

Last thing: if it’s a public pool, don’t forget that First Aid kits and First Responder personnel are not required. If the situation calls for it, you will need to know CPR and First Aid yourself .

Before your First Date:

Call ahead of time and make sure that there is a valid First Aid kit on site. You can’t be too careful! Look up some basic First Aid Checklists online. Bring your own personal First Response Kit with extra bandages in case anyone gets injured during the date! Be prepared to deal with any emergencies if they should arise. Bring lip balm or chapstick with sunscreen in it to prevent painful sunburns. Make sure that your swimwear fits well! Wear something modest if you’re going out into public view (no bikinis or tiny shorts). Don’t wear too much First Aid Kit Make sure your first date knows that you’re not going out for a romantic dinner or movie! It’s just First Aid and some First Date Fun.

Bring all of these items with you on the First Date:

Waterproof bandages, instant cold packs, antiseptic wipes, sunscreen antidotes (for those who get sunburns easily), lip balm/chapstick (with SPF). After using any First Response First Aid Kit make sure to clean it out before packing it up again! Nothing says “not prepared” like an old food-covered First Aid kit at the bottom of your purse or backpack after spending time in the water. And nobody wants to know what type of germs live in a First Aid Kit someone else has been using!

For Your First Date:

Swim together in the water. Stay very close together if you are going to be swimming around other people or boaters. If you or your partner get stung by a jellyfish, apply an ice pack and use an antiseptic wipe on the sting site. Keep out of direct sun exposure for at least 30 minutes after you leave the water (sunburns can occur even under clouds)! And if anything goes wrong during First Aid First Date Fun, it’s best to be prepared so that you can act right away! Be well aware of any poisoning symptoms . Don’t go out into the open ocean if there is severe weather approaching (especially during hurricane season). If you or your First Aid First Date partner do get injured, make sure to clean out the First Response First Aid kit before putting it away again.

After Your First Date:

Was First Aid First Date Fun everything that you hoped for? Now is the time to go ahead and start using all of those extra supplies! Waterproof bandages can be used for DIY waterproof band-aids around the house (for showering/bathing), applying first aid kits at home (with an adult!), or even just as party accessories. Cold packs can be put over eyes after a migraine, used in coolers during picnics, packed into birthday gift bags, etc. Antiseptic wipes are great for cleaning up particularly dirty surfaces (like First Aid First Date Fun surfaces). Sunscreen antidotes can be put into First Aid First Response Kits for future First Dates. Lip balm/chapstick with sunscreen can go into First Aid First Response Kits or First Aid Makeup Kit for next time!

And of course, you can use all your new swimming skills on future dates at the pool or beach!

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