First Date Ideas: Take a pottery class

What do you think of when you hear the words First Date? Do you cringe at all the possibilities that might go wrong? First dates can be nerve-wracking. You want to hit it off with your date, but what if there’s no chemistry or they’re just not your type…

Well, never fear! There are plenty of fun First Date Ideas out there! But, when planning a First Date remember one thing: The purpose of a First Date is to find something in common with each other so you can start dating. It’s not about her wearing the shortest skirt in town and him wearing sunglasses indoors like he thinks he’s Tom Cruise (you know the guy). First Dates should be casual and low key. Pick something that sounds interesting and fun, but not too overly exciting. First Dates are about getting to know each other on a more personal level. Here are some of our favorite First Date Ideas!

Pottery Classes

Taking a Pottery Class together is a First Date that’s friendly for everyone. It’s fun and exciting, but it isn’t overwhelming or frighteningly new. You can learn about your date as you throw clay on the wheel and chat while the instructor guides you through painting your masterpieces! It’s also a very relaxed setting: Many pottery studios offer wine and snacks so you don’t feel pressured to eat before class (remember to drink responsibly!). This makes it easy for conversation which is perfect for finding those First Date Conversation Starters ! Grab your date and head to a studio near you for a First Date that everyone can have fun with!

Cooking Classes

Who doesn’t love eating? Taking a cooking class together is another First Date idea that’s perfect for two people who want to get to know each other better. It combines the excitement of getting to cook something new and yummy, but it isn’t intimidating or overwhelming like going out on the town or to an upscale restaurant might feel like. Cooking classes are also taught in a rather casual setting: Usually they provide aprons and chef hats, and guests can watch demonstrations while enjoying light snacks throughout the night. This makes talking easier too; asking questions about their favorite recipe or what spices go best with fish won’t seem weird because you’re cooking! Plus, you might even learn something! First Dates should be about getting to know each other inside and out. Cooking classes help you do just that!


Yes, bowling is totally a First Date activity because it combines video games with alcohol (again, responsibly). This First Date Idea is perfect for people who love competition and excitement. Who doesn’t love seeing their date’s ball go exactly where they want it to? Bowling has the added bonus of being something fun to do after your First Date. No one likes walking away from their First Date immediately afterward only to never hear from them again or have them walk away without ever asking for your number. Instead, follow up your First Date with some light bowling fun! You can even invite a few friends to join you, which is a great First Date Conversation Starters idea , because you’re not alone and it’s way more fun that way!

Art Galleries or Museums

First Dates should be about getting to know each other. The best First Date Ideas are the ones where there isn’t too much pressure. The art gallery or museum is another First Date Idea that allows for some casual conversation while admiring beautiful pieces of art from different cultures throughout history. Again, remember to ask each other questions so you can get to know your date better! You might even learn something new about them, and who doesn’t love learning new things? Plus, if this First Date goes well then maybe there will be a Second Date, which probably means you’ll want to go grab dinner or drinks during First Date Conversation Starters . Will the art gallery or museum make the shortlist? Who knows?! But it’s definitely a First Date Idea worth trying!


Fishing might sound like an odd First Date idea, but it’s actually perfect. It combines being outside in nature with sitting still and being calm through all of that. This First Date is ideal for people who are shy because it gives them time to reflect on what they want to say next after their First Date Conversation Starters have dried up. Fishing is also another First Date idea that will work perfectly if your date doesn’t know what to say afterward so they can just enjoy fishing instead of worrying about making conversation. If your First Date is going well and you want to make plans for a Second Date, then fishing is yet another First Date Conversation Starters idea . A Second Date out of the First Date that involved fishing might be just as relaxing too!

Bowling First Dates can be anything from casual first dates where you’re trying to see if there’s a potential love connection between you two, to more formal first dates where you have very specific aims in mind. Either way, bowling on a First Date will give you some time together so that both of you can relax and calm down before having a more intense conversation later – which is one of the most important parts about First Dates.

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