First Date Ideas: Laugh it up

In order to have a successful first date, you need to plan ahead. First dates can be nerve-wracking and awkward for many reasons, but there’s no reason that they should be boring! In fact, our First Date Ideas post will have your mood soaring in no time at all.

We’ve come up with a few different first date ideas so you can both laugh it up on your next date night. Laughter is a great way to break the ice and help everyone feel comfortable with one another, so don’t shy away from having a laugh or two during the course of your evening out!

In this day and age, technology has become an important part of everyday life. First dates are thought to originate as far back as 1700, but telephones weren’t invented until 1876 and phones were not commonly used by the public until the 1990’s. First dates didn’t always include a smartphone to plan logistics; instead, people actually had to spend time with each other while on their date! As you can imagine, this approach has changed since then.

First dates are now more planned than spontaneous (which can be good or bad depending on how worried you are about that first date jitters). Here are some great First Date Ideas for Laughing it up:

Great First Date Ideas: Turn First Dates into First Phone Calls

Since we’re all glued to our iPhones these days, why not turn your First Date Idea into a First Phone Call? Take advantage of technology and video chat your First Date. If you don’t have a webcam, apps like Skype, FaceTime and Google+ Hangouts are great for video chatting on your smartphone or laptop.

In addition to First Phone Calls, other good First Date Ideas include:

· First Dining Experience – Try something different! There’s more to life than Applebees and TGIFriday’s! Why not try Thai food? Or sushi? Whatever cuisine strikes your fancy is fine with us as long as it makes you laugh! And that brings me to my next First Date Idea: I’m Starving! This First Date Idea is pretty much self-explanatory because who doesn’t enjoy eating? Go to dinner at a locally owned family restaurant before heading off for a First Date activity you both enjoy.

· First Activity – Whether it’s a Board Game, a First Date Movie or an Outdoor Adventure, First Dates are all about sharing fun activities with someone new. Our First Date Ideas post has some great inspiration that will hopefully give you enough First Date ideas to keep the laughter going! Don’t worry if your first attempt at a First Date is a little bit awkward. Just remember how lucky you are not to be wearing those horrid pantaloons and bonnets from 1700 and try to laugh it off!

After reading this article we hope you have many First Date Ideas for Laughing it up and having fun with your special someone! Good luck and happy dating!

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The First Phone Call During the First Date. For many, this might seem like an odd idea, but it can be a great way to take the dating game into your own hands (literally). If you don’t want to sit in silence while waiting for your First Date to arrive at the restaurant or if you’re worried about someone getting lost on their way there, calling them up beforehand is one solution. It lets you find out everything from their dietary restrictions and transportation woes all at once so that when they get to your table, it’s just smiles and laughter!

First Dining Experience. First Date Firsts are about trying new things. Sure, you could choose to go out for coffee or ice cream, but why not try something different? First Dates are an opportunity for both of you to get to know each other on a more personal level, which means sharing some of your likes and dislikes along the way! So if they’re up for it, why not try Thai food or sushi? There’s nothing wrong with getting to know each other while enjoying a First Dinner Experience .

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