covid date ideas: Adrenaline junkie? We’ve got you!

Are you always looking for dates that revolve around adventure? We’ve done the research for you and found some great covid date ideas.

1)   Take a class – _______ is known to be an adrenaline junkie. Why not experience it together in a covid setting? There are classes for flying trapeze, stand up paddle boarding, rock climbing, indoor sky diving, surfing etc. If your partner doesn’t love any of these activities then find out what they do love and use it as your covid idea.

2) Find an activity through Groupon or other discount websites. Look something up on Google search engine under “discounts + activity name” to see if there are coupons you can use to save money.

3) Invite your friends along with you – if it is a group activity, have them come along for double the fun!

4) Go on a tour – there are so many different tours out there that it could be up in a hot air balloon or through a cave system. Check out what’s offered within your town and book something fun you both would love!

5) Take an online quiz together to find out if you have anything in common other than being into the same activities. For example, Covidify offers quizzes that test your knowledge of which childhood Disney character matches your personality best or how well do you know each other? After taking it give each other feedback on how you did and what you thought of the questions.

6) Go to a comedy show or stand up – any city has many different options for going out for a fun night with your partner. Check out their favorite comedian’s schedule and pick one that seems like it will be a good fit!

7) Take a cooking class together – spend time together learning something new in the kitchen while also making memories. You may even surprise your significant other at home by recreating your covid date idea on your own! 🙂

8) Rock climb the night away – find an indoor rock climbing gym near you, bring along some snacks and drinks, strap on those harnesses and go at it until you reach the top (or bottom)! This is a fun covid date that is bound to take your breath away.

9) Go go kart racing – this covid date idea definitely lives up to the excitement and fun you expect it will bring! Plus, what better way to spend time with your partner than challenging them to a race?

10) Try zip lining – many places all over the world offer opportunities for you and your partner to fly across forests, rivers and more as you strap into those harnesses and zip line from one place to another. Covidify offers the opportunity for you to try out their ziplining experience in Tennessee if your town does not have anything like this available for you yet. If you do not live in the Tennessee area don’t fret. Check out this article for more information on how to find zip line tours near you no matter where you are located!

Have fun!

Decide what the plan will be the night before, that way there is no wasted time in finding something interesting to do. You can even enjoy some Covidify moments with your significant other while simultaneously planning your next covid date idea. 🙂 There are lots of covid ideas in this list so keep investigating and go have some fun together!

The activity chosen is “Take an online quiz together to find out if you have anything in common other than being into the same activities”. The article states that this is “a fun covid date that is bound to take your breath away”. The article makes it seem like there are infinite possibilities for activities. This is not the case. Online quizzes, ziplining (the specific activity mentioned in the article), stand up paddle boarding, indoor sky diving, rock climbing, cooking classes and comedy shows are all things that could be done with a significant other for a good time but there are only so many options when you think about it. You don’t want to find something you both enjoy doing if it’s not really possible for you two to do at the moment. Quizzes can also be taken on anyone’s personality so why would someone actually take one just their partner asked them to? In addition, the article says that to “rock climb [at night] is a fun covid date that is bound to take your breath away”. The author seems unaware of the fact that rock climbing could be a very dangerous activity and it would make sense if someone was afraid to participate in something like this. Also, the author talks about going go kart racing as a covid date idea because he/she states “what better way to spend time with your partner than challenging them to a race?” Go Kart Racing could be seen as hazardous for people over the age of 12. In addition, why do you need an actual reason to spend time with your significant other? It’s not just meant for couples who have been together for years or people in “long distance relationships” in the article. It’s meant for all couples in general that want or need to spend time together. The article talks about finding something “to do”. Covidify (the company mentioned in this article) states that you can take quizzes with your partner to find out what you both like doing, but if there are no other alternatives, then why would someone use their service? This is an example of how companies make money off of people when they don’t really have anything good to offer them. Their website says nothing about making memories which is what it should say. You won’t remember taking a quiz with your significant other but you may remember going sky diving or ziplining which was brought up earlier in the article.<br>

This article was published on May 11, 2016. The author’s name is not mentioned in the article and the website that it says to go to for more information is This website has a “contact us” page and an about us page but no additional information could be found about the person who wrote this particular article or where they work. It also does not state why their company came up with this activity. There is no date stating when this company started providing these services. This means there is limited information available for readers to look at before coming up with assumptions of what may have happened behind the scenes that caused this article to exist in the first place. The only made by Covidify is a testimonial from a person named “Kelsey”. There is no evidence that that this person even exists because there is no physical address or phone number. This could be an example of false advertising but it’s possible she used to work there and wanted to share her experience with the company before leaving. In addition, Kelsey has never been mentioned in any other article on Covidify so it seems like they were faked by whoever runs the website. The article talks about ziplining as if it were a specific activity when really ziplining can hurt people and kill them. It also talks about going rock climbing without stating how dangerous it actually is which makes me question what kinds of activities they have tried out for themselves before coming up with…

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