First Date Ideas: Go apple, pumpkin or berry picking

            First dates can be rather awkward if you don’t know what to do. First date ideas are not always easy to come up with, but it doesn’t have to be that way.

            First date ideas should include something fun and memorable, while also staying relatively cheap. There are many great activities around Seattle that are perfect for first dates including apple picking in the fall or enjoying a berry filled breakfast at Pike Place Market . Below are some other great suggestions of different first date ideas around Seattle .                            

1) First Date Idea: Volunteer together at Food Lifeline .   

       If your relationship is getting serious enough to where you want to introduce each other into your lives then simply volunteering together may be just the perfect first date idea to throw in the mix. Volunteering is a great opportunity to get out of your normal day-to-day and try something new!

                    How to prepare: First Date Idea: First, find a good organization where you can easily volunteer. Food Lifeline has many different opportunities throughout Seattle , including an apple orchard in Redmond , for you and your partner to choose from. Contact them ahead of time, pick a date and make sure you show up ready to work, tired from working the night before probably wouldn’t be the best way to impress on that first day at least.

2) First Date Idea: Ice Skating at The Seattle Center .   

            Ice skating in the winter is a great way to stay active and have fun. Plus, you get a good excuse for an outdoor date without having to admit that’s what it was, you can just say “Hey, let’s go ice skating!” No one will know the difference! This also works well for rainy days or when your allergies are bad but it isn’t raining out. 

            First Date Idea: First , find a good rink where you can take your date . If you live near Seattle this shouldn’t be too hard, there are always rinks close by! Next , pick a time and show up ready to skate. Its always fun to bring some hot cocoa or coffee along with you and see how good of a couple you two can be .

3) First Date Idea: Go to Pike Place Market in the morning to pick berries for breakfast.  

            If your date lives close by to Pike Place Market then this definitely is an amazing first date idea, if not then it’s still very possible that you could make this happen! This First Date Idea also works well any time of year because no matter what season it is you’ll always find fresh berries at the market.

First Date Idea: First , get up early (or stay up late before your big date ) and meet at one of Seattle ‘s best loved attractions Once there , fill up on fresh fruit ( there are plenty of stands where you can buy it) and enjoy a fresh healthy breakfast together .

            First dates don’t have to be boring, there are plenty of fun First Date Ideas in Seattle ! You just need to find the right one. ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~

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