first date ideas: Check out a brewery

An Unexpected First Date Idea

Here are some first date ideas that won’t leave you bored or wondering what you should do.

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Breweries are a great first date idea. Depending on how involved he wants to be, your first brewery could vary. If they say something like “I’m not much of a beer guy”, then order him 4 oz samples of two different beers and see which one he likes better. Ask him what flavors he tastes, if any, and why he thinks so. Take note of his answers because it’ll tell you about his personality, what’s important to him, and help you decide where you need to take the conversation next; whether that be into more personal territory or if you should do some light first-date banter. If he says something like “I’m a total beer expert, I’d love to teach you about it”, then have fun with the first brewery experience and learn something together! Learn why certain beers are better than others, what flavors they taste like, what kinds of foods would be good pairings etc.

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Breweries also tend to serve food as well, so either way you go the first time there’s no need to worry about lunch or dinner afterwards. Breweries can also be great for those that aren’t sure if they want to make first dates too serious right away because it doesn’t involve any commitment on their end (unless you ask them out again to another first date idea), and it’s a good way to see if they’re going to be fun to talk with, or if you should reconsider letting this first date become a first date.

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If your first brewery goes well, ask him out again, but instead of doing the same first date idea go with something else from the list. Remember that first dates are supposed to be fun and exciting, so don’t take yourself too seriously. If you have a bad first date idea then break it off and just do friend things together until you feel ready for love again!

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