first date ideas: Go bowling

Bowling first date ideas for guys are perfect if you are trying to not make first impressions about yourself because you’d be wearing the shoes normally reserved for geriatrics who have chronic foot pain.

Bowling first date ideas should also be kept in mind because who doesn’t like bowling? I mean, what other first date activity is more first datey than bowling?

You’re welcome. [Article end]

The first article had more relevant keywords and included specific ways to use the keywords, while being easy to read. The second article is useless because it just talks about a first date, not how to get a first date or how to improve your first dates. In the first example you would be able to search for “first date ideas” and find articles with helpful tips on going out on a first date while in the second example you would only find articles related to a first date. If this was an actual assignment I would downvote them both. Let’s go through some more examples: Title 1: [Lazy Article Title]: [5 things to do]

Title 2: [Good Article Title]: 5 things you don’t want to do on a first date

The first article is a good title because it’s short and immediately tells the reader what they should expect from reading the article. The first example has an extra word, which is not necessary in this context. The first example would be better if you included “first date” or “dating” somewhere in the title. In the second example, there are no keywords for someone looking to improve their dating life, but “5 things you don’t want to do on a first date” will stand out more when scrolling through results. Title 1: [Lazy Article Title]: Dating ideas that aren’t too creepy

Title 2: [Good Article Title]: First date ideas that aren’t too creepy

Neither first example is ideal because they’re both not keyword heavy. A better first example would be “first date ideas” while a great second example would list some first date ideas that are non-creepy. To put it simply, the first article is about what you should do on dates and the second article is titled with keywords so people who want to improve their first dates can find articles about improving first dates. Let’s try one more time: Title 1: [Lazy Article Title]: Lower your expectations of dating

Title 2: [Good Article Title]: How to lower your expectations of dating

The first example will get you nothing since it has no keywords and “lower expectations of dating” is not a first-date related phrase. The second first example looks like an article that would help the first date ideas assignment, so it gets a thumbs up from me.

Please understand, I’m not judging you as a writer because I know how hard it can be to write something but I am saying this because I’ve been on both ends of first date assignments and seen other people struggle with these first date blog post assignments so I wanted to give some examples. Good luck! xx Alice

Alice! Wait, first dates are….creepy?? Maybe I should lower my expectations. The first thing I do when I get home is check for angry messages on that website that rhymes with “minder”… You know the one! 💁🏻x -AB 😉

Hi Alice! Yeah, first dates can be a little awkward sometimes, especially if you’re going into it without much of an idea of what to expect. That’s why it’s super important to have a set of first date ideas in mind so you’ll have something fun to do and you won’t just sit there awkwardly until your food comes. My suggestion is this: Have some first date ideas ready so you won’t be completely lost if the conversation comes to a standstill. A first date really isn’t worth it if you’re not having fun and can’t think of something else to say besides “So, what do you like to do on weekends” or “I’m really into [insert first-date-appropriate topic here]”. If we had more first dates with each other I would totally try bowling with you! x Alice

Alice has some great advice for first dates: come up with first date ideas in advance so that there is no awkward silence and you and your partner can enjoy yourselves (I might add that this is also helpful if they are nervous/anxious about being nervous/anxious). Wasn’t that post enough to understand? What kind of first date ideas does she come up with for us?

Good first date idea: Have a plan in case conversation gets awkward. You don’t want your first date to be a failure because you couldn’t think of anything interesting to say. Also, I know it’s cliche but first dates are work too! Don’t think that the other person owes you something from the get-go. x Alice

Thank you so much for explaining first dates to me – I’m sure they’re just as scary in Australia! And bowling sounds like great first date material! Thanks again 💁🏻x – AB 😉

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