first date ideas: Go for a bike ride

Going for a first date ride is a great first date idea, especially if you’re trying to be healthy and active. Biking allows you both the chance to talk and learn more about one another as well as check out your shared surroundings. You can choose between renting bikes or bringing your own, but make sure that they are properly taken care of first so they don’t break down mid-ride and leave you immobile. If you plan on biking all day, bring water with you and drink it regularly to keep yourself hydrated. Make sure your first date partner drinks too! If the weather begins to look stormy or windy, consider canceling or rescheduling the whole first date because riding in such conditions could be quite dangerous.

You should plan your first date ride to be somewhere in the suburbs or suburbs-like areas, where you can stop to rest if needed and eat snacks too. Some first date ideas would be riding around a lake, go for a ride through your city’s trails (if there are any), or simply bike along one of your first date partner’s favorite streets. With this first date idea try to get down with biking no matter what it takes because not only will you get to know each other better but also get some exercise while doing so!

You can always end your first date with biking at a restaurant or cafe where you can eat and enjoy each other’s company. If, like many first dates, the conversation has begun to dwindle away towards silence, go somewhere where there is music playing (a pub for example) to eliminate any awkwardness resulting from lack of conversation.

What are your first date ideas? Do they include biking around town? Let us know in the comments!

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