first date ideas: Go people-watching

It’s Friday night. You are bored, or maybe your friend dragged you out tonight. You are about to call it quits when your friend suggests one last place to go before the evening comes to an end.

“There’s a people watching spot nearby,” they say, “You’ll love it.” But will you? There is only one way to find out.

People watching is a classic date idea for those who are tired of the same old go-to restaurants or dining halls. It’s an easy way to kill time, laugh, and maybe make a few memories along the way! Here are some things you can do at your favorite people watching spot:

1. Make up stories about the people around you – What has led them to this park tonight? Why are they all wearing blue shirts? How many friends does that person have with them? The possibilities are endless! If you’re feeling extra ambitious, write down each story on a separate sheet of paper and try to link them together somehow.

2 2. Spot couples holding hands – Couples often like going to this location for a first date. They’re on the same wavelength and can bond over this activity! See if you can count how many couples are holding hands by the end of your people watching session.

3 3. Check out who’s drinking coffee – For those caffeine lovers, there is nothing more relaxing than coming to this spot with a cup of hot tea or cocoa in their hand. If they keep their drink inside the park, it likely means that they have nowhere else to be, so strike up a conversation about their plans for tomorrow night!

4 4. Find two people wearing matching outfits – It could be anything from complete strangers to close friends or even family members! You might learn something about yourself today…

5 5. Look for the loners – For some people, socializing is too overwhelming. To avoid eye contact with everyone else, they might have their head down on their phone or even a book! If you do spot one of these loners, be sure to respect their privacy and leave them alone.

6 6. Children are often good at making conversation – They’re not afraid to ask questions that interest them, so if there are any kids nearby, ask them what they think of the “boring grownups” in the park!

7 7. Take selfies with your friends – Whether with one friend or three, this will make for an unforgettable snapshot! You can also try adding props to make it really interesting…or embarrassing…

8 8. Stare into each other’s eyes – Staring until the other person blinks is a good way to bring out laughs, but if you’re feeling dramatic, try holding eye contact for as long as possible!

9 9. There are plenty of people to observe around these parts, so sit back and relax while you take in everything that’s going on! You might be surprised by what (and who) you see…

10 10. Say hi to anyone who seems too shy- It may feel like an imposition at first, but who knows? They could use the company! Maybe they would be willing to join your next people watching session…

11 11. If you happen to find yourself alone (for example: friend bailed, broke up with their significant other), don’t be afraid to talk to one another. Sometimes people are too shy to come over and engage in conversation, but if you go to them, they’ll feel more comfortable talking!

12 12. Make it a game – It’s easy enough to do: look around the park for 10 minutes, write down what you saw on separate pieces of paper (e.g., three people wearing blue shirts), then compare notes at the end! Who can spot the most? The least? You might find out something about yourself along the way…

13 13. Stay close- So many things happen in our life that we don’t even realize when they’re happening right in front of us. The woman pushing her baby in a stroller might not be your neighbor, but you never know when you might bump into each other again. It’s always better to err on the side of caution!

14 14. There are so many people here, so don’t worry about playing games or anything else that can distract you from everyone around! You’ll get your fill soon enough.

15 15. Remain positive- Maybe it’s too loud for an introvert like you to think straight, but there is always something fun and interesting going on at these events! Who knows who could come along next…

16 16. Be considerate of others – Let people walk through before getting up yourself, ask before taking a seat right next to someone else (but feel free to strike up a conversation if the time is right!), and do everything you can not to interrupt others when they’re in close proximity.

17 17. Stop thinking that everyone is just like you – You never know what someone else might be thinking, so it’s best not to try and find out! Just smile at them instead…you never know when someone will smile back at you!

18 18. Now that it seems like there are fewer people coming onto this grassy area, don’t hesitate to stretch your legs or take a seat where there was once none (but only after all the other patrons have passed). Just make sure you leave enough room for people who still want to pass through!

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