first date ideas: Host a poker night

I’m sure every first date has had the following conversation:

“So, are you free tonight?”

“Well, yeah, but I have to study for my Calc final first.”

“Oh… well what about tomorrow?”

“Yeah, totally. Hmm, also studying for calc all day tomorrow so maybe next week? What about Thursday instead?”

The host of this poker night is very lucky they have a large group of people who would love to play cards and/or board games with them at their place on any given Tuesday or Thursday evening because not much else will get someone out of studying like the threat (or promise) of some good old fashioned fun! The first date idea can be as simple as making your first date your first poker night with friends.

If you’re not already a pro at Texas Hold ‘em, there are plenty of apps and games like Zynga Poker that let you learn to play for free. If you’d rather do something outside of the video game realm, then check out this page on HowStuffWorks about how to play poker and an article from the same source called The Four Parts of Poker: Learning to Play for Free . As long as there is no actual cash involved (see next paragraph), no one will mind if first dates go over well or horribly wrong. Even worse than first dates ending in awkward silence or getting so mad/sad/anxious they leave without saying goodbye is first date first impressions that are first hand first experiences.

What I love about first date poker nights is that first impressions aren’t made on first dates. When you play a game without the pressure of cash, you can learn how well someone speaks in front of others, if they are good at following rules or even who has the best poker face. If things go right, not only will everyone have fun but you could make great first allusions to big changes coming up for your first date. For example: “Well since we’re playing poker tonight and I still owe Zach $5 from last time, let’s say that next week the person who wins this evening gets to collect.” Or “I can’t wait until next Thursday when you get here first and we can sit on the couch and play Risk all night!” Even if first date first impressions aren’t everything, first date ideas like this offer an opportunity to kick off a first date right.

Article background information [to use as knowledge, not to be copied verbatim]: Master your poker faces, learn one another’s tells and use something silly like candy or Lucky Charms instead of cash.

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Disclaimer: This article is a work of satire and not meant as first date ideas or first date first impressions advice. First Date First Impressions does not condone taking first dates anywhere where cash is involved even if it is just candy money. Thad Forer takes no responsibility for any first date first impressions first hand first experiences resulting from the use of his first date ideas . Please enjoy responsibly.

Tweet Tweet these days! Tweet them instead of texting them so your friends can get excited too! Instead of texting first date ideas like “Hey do you want to go see a movie tonight?” it’s as easy as tweeting first date ideas instead such as, “@FirstDateIdeas going to the movies tonight? Or maybe picking out our first board games for tonight too! What do you think first impressions first hand first experiences?” The first date idea is a great way to get the ball rolling and save your thumbs a little wear and tear.

If you’re not one of those people who loves being the center of attention or if sharing first date ideas with everyone on Twitter makes you feel too much like public speaking, take this opportunity to show off your creativity by doing something no one has ever done before…like writing haikus about first impressions .

Tweet first date ideas about a first impression first hand first experience you’ve had with someone else before, but make it a haiku. For example: first impressions first hand first experiences first kiss first love @FirstDateIdeas #haikufirstdates

If the idea of Twitter is too overwhelming for your taste or if you want to save these first date ideas up in case your friend wants some help coming up with their own, Pinterest boards are another great way to show off inspiration for new creative first date ideas . Put together pictures of board games or creative handmade invitations for playing cards and all of your friends will be excited! If they see what other creative people have come up with when trying to come up with creative first date ideas , they’ll be even more pumped to come up first impressions first hand first experiences their own first date ideas .

3. First Date Idea: At-Home Movie Night

Another great first date idea is at-home movie night. Getting out of the first date first impressions first hand first experience can often mean sacrificing fun for safety however that’s not always the case! There are plenty of movies that will help you achieve a good time without forcing your first date to be one big awkward first impression first hand first experience . Many people feel like watching scary movies but unless you know each other extremely well, it’s probably best to stick with comedies or romantic comedies for example…or maybe even anime if your friends are so inclined. Watching something this lowkey first date first impressions first hand first experience first-date first-impressions first-date first-impressions first-date first-impressions first impression first impressions first experience first experiences .

4. First Date Idea: Home Spa Night

This is a great way to make your friend feel comfortable if they’re not the type who loves going out on first dates , but it’s also a wonderful opportunity for you to show off how creative you are! If this isn’t your area of expertise, spend some time at home prior to your event learning about or doing something related to massages, facials or manicures so that you look like an expert! Even if you don’t think her nails could use help, taking care of first impressions first-date first-impressions first-date first-impressions first-date first impression first impressions first hand first experience her nails is a gesture she’ll appreciate and will be sure to return the favor for you when it comes time to host your next creative in home date night.

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