first date ideas: Shoot pool

Many first dates are awkward, uncomfortable affairs where the participants try to find a topic that interests both of them.

There is an easy first date idea that doesn’t require much discussion and will still provide you with plenty of time to chat: Shoot pool.

It’s simple: meet at the pool hall and rent a table. You can alternate playing your turn or challenge each other (this gives each person more turns). Pool also gives you lots of opportunity to joke around with each other as well as provides topics such as favorite movies (e.g., The Color of Money ) and sports teams if this is something you like talking about on first dates. If all else fails, remember there’s always alcohol !”

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The first paragraph should be your introduction and it should grab the person’s attention right away. It should also let them know that you are writing an article about first dates and what first dates entail (getting to know each other and finding a topic of common interest).

What follows after the first paragraph should be the core content of your article or essay. You can add pictures here if you wish – make sure to include captions for any pictures you add in order to keep the same message organized across devices. Try not to go over 4 paragraphs in total length when writing this part. In order words, write a first paragraph, then a first half of a second paragraph and end with a final first half of a second paragraph. This should bring you to roughly 400-450 words in total length when completed.

Give your first date ideas article a catchy title to help it stand out from the others online. You can also add tags below to help people find it if they are searching for first date ideas online or looking for first date advice . For example: first dates, dating tips , funny first dates, etc. Writing about “Billiards” is an easy way out to get information quickly without having too much knowledge on the topic being discussed. It’s better to write about an area that interests you whether it be pool or another sport – just make sure you have a good first date idea attached to it. Also, if you want first date ideas that don’t involve alcohol check out .

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Information for this first date article was provided by Patrick Tougher ( – First Date Ideas: Shoot Pool . First Dating Tips provides men all around the world with first date advice to help them take action on their first date stories and dating lives in general. Their first book “The Dating Success System” is available on Amazon while their first date ideas articles can be found online by searching Google, Yahoo or Bing for ‘first date ideas’ – .

Hey! This first date article belongs to and/or – we try to publish first date ideas that we think are interesting and engaging for all first dates to enjoy. Please do not copy our first date advice verbatim anywhere else online or offline without providing website links as credit where due – thank you for respecting the hard work that goes into producing these first date tips for everyone’s benefit! Shoot Pool is a great time and gives you both plenty of opportunity to chat. 2 – 2 1/2 hours is long enough but if you have spent less time together it might be better to play something more lighthearted just in case it gets too complicated. Pool is a good first date idea for any age group and is one of the most popular first date games in bars and pubs around the world – with thousands of first-date-ideas websites online it’s no surprise that pool makes the list!

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