first date ideas: Watch a local theater production

It is always nice to go out with someone new, but it can be difficult coming up with first date ideas. So why not try watching a local theater production? There are many different types of theater to enjoy, and you definitely have a lot to choose from.

If you want a first date idea that will allow you both plenty of opportunities for conversation, then going to see a play would fit the bill perfectly. Watching theater productions often requires fans to sit in one place for two hours or more as the show unfolds right before their eyes—this means there isn’t much need for small talk as neither person will feel self-conscious about being left alone. If things really get boring, the first date can simply start up a side conversation rather than worry about ruining the first date. If you do end up getting stuck in awkward silences, this would be a great time to break out some of those first date questions (and tips) .

If your first date is more into music than acting, then perhaps you should get tickets to see an opera or symphony instead. This way, each person can enjoy their own performance while also enjoying it together—but be warned, operas and symphonies are much longer than plays (can be anywhere from three to four hours), so make sure you’ve both got the stamina to sit for that long! You may even want to choose something shorter like checking out a coffee shop with live music or going to see a band play at a local bar.

If first dates often turn into second dates, then you’ll definitely want to consider taking your first date to see a musical. Musical theater is just enough off the beaten path that first dates are more likely to embrace it than other first date ideas. Plus, you’ll both have an awesome time singing along with the actors on stage!


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