first date ideas: Attend an Open House

We all need first date ideas, but sometimes it is difficult to think of first date activities that are both interesting and safe. You want your first dates to be memorable experiences that bring the two of you closer together. One way to ensure this is by attending an open house on your first date!

Open houses are very safe first date venues because they do not require any physical activity, uncomfortable conversation topics, or emotional vulnerability, and there is no possibility for sexual escalation.

Here’s how it works:

You meet at the site of the open house (typically a lovely home in a nice neighborhood). You chat for a few minutes about whatever first date small talk you prefer (e.g., favorite movies) before entering the building. Once inside, you wander through the first floor of the home while commenting on what you like about the decor, architecture, art, and furniture. You exit out the back door or perhaps some sliding glass doors to a beautiful view of landscaping or outdoor patio area if there is one. Then after maybe an hour or two – depending on how chatty you are – you leave without making any grand romantic gestures that might be misinterpreted.

You can then go out for dinner together or get coffee nearby. Open houses are perfect first date ideas because they are low-key, interesting, inexpensive (or completely free), and do not involve physical activity of any kind! Plus it still gives you something to talk about during your first date conversations . It’s a safe first date idea!

See, first dates are difficult because you want to get to know your first dates, but first dates can also be scary because they might not go well. Using first date ideas like attending an open house will help ease the anxiety of first dates and make them fun experiences that you’ll never forget!

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Ha! Would definitely be a great first date idea – then after that, who knows?! Reply Delete

Great advice! I love hosting open houses as I’m always looking for new clients, but now my clients are gonna think I’m just trying to hook them up with first date ideas, haha. 😉 Reply Delete

I do first date open houses all the time. I hate first dates so this first date idea is PERFECT for me! And if it goes well…you have a referral client!!! 🙂 Reply Delete

You should try this first date idea out first before you recommend it though! Good first date ideas for introverts are hard to come by and they seem like such obvious small talk topics but people make such a big deal about them! Reply Delete

Maybe instead of an actual open house (because most people don’t want to go on a second first date) go to an empty model home/apartment/house instead? That way no one has to worry about talking about themselves or an open house, because it’s just you! Reply Delete

I love first date ideas that don’t involve any physical activity. I even did an entire first date the other day where the only form of communication was handwritten notes (and no, we didn’t end up together; I think it was a little too forced for first dates). Good first date idea though! Reply Delete

This sounds like fun!! One question: what if one person has to use the bathroom? Are there public restrooms nearby? Reply Delete

Great first date tips… This sounds like fun for introverts too 😀 My girlfriend and I do first date open houses quite often. It gives us something to talk about afterwards while having coffee, too… 😀 Reply Delete

Thanks for this first date idea! I am an introvert, so first date ideas that are low key and don’t involve physical activity are perfect first date tips. You just can’t go wrong with first dates at open houses! Reply Delete

My first first date was at an open house. He ended up being a psycho killer on our way out but it could have been worse. 🙂 Reply Delete

I love first date ideas like this one where there is nothing to do except talk to each other. Going on first dates can be really difficult because you’ll always wonder if the other person is thinking about what you are talking about or if they are interested in it! Open houses as first date ideas will help first dates be better first dates! Reply Delete

Great first date ideas! Open houses are awesome first date ideas for introverts like me. I am an introvert and first dates can be extremely difficult for me because it is hard to carry on a conversation without any physical activity. I am always looking for first date tips that make first dates easier, especially first date tips for introverts. Thanks so much! Reply Delete

I like this first date idea, but what do you do if someone has to use the bathroom? Do you tell them where they can go? Reply Delete

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