first date ideas: Decorate a Space

    Did you think dating was just about what you and your date like to do together? Well, dating is also about who your date is as a person! And for this reason, sometimes dating can get stressful. Trust us, we’ve been there. Plus, dating can be expensive (almost $70 per hour if you go with the average dating app).

     But don’t overthink it — there are tons of fun and unique things you and your date can do that don’t cost a thing! The ideas we’re proposing today work whether it’s a first date or third: decorating “spruces up” any space and gives you something to talk about in addition to getting to know one another. Here are some great ideas [article continues below]:

1. Coffee shop date

It’s perfect for all of your caffeine addicts out there! If you’re dating someone who is a devout coffee lover, why not go to a cafĂ© and get some hot drinks? At home, we like to keep it cozy and warm with blankets and pillows. You can even do the same thing at the coffee shop (fair warning: this may make others around you feel awkward). Maybe you can even get your barista to put on music or turn on Christmas lights while you enjoy each other’s company. It’s really up to you how much or how little decorating goes into it! Just pick a place that has enough room (i.e., don’t choose somewhere super small or crowded).

2. Spruce up a common area

This can be anything from your roommate’s (or parent’s) room to a community center. Think: dorm rooms, shared living spaces, and even offices! When we first started dating, we had an assignment where we had to decorate our own cubicle for the holidays. It was actually really fun and it gave us something to focus on as we got to know each other (without trying too hard). All you need is some Christmas lights/decorations and some hot cocoa or coffee. You could even bring your laptop or sketchpad if you wanted to make some art together there! Just try not to bother those who work in that space or live around you — it can be a bit awkward.

3. Decorate your home together

This is a fun one, especially if you’re dating someone from out of town! If it’s been awhile since you’ve been to their place, then bring some decorations from home and help them spruce up for the holiday there. Maybe they don’t have a Christmas tree yet … either way, this would be a great opportunity to make your date feel more at home. Plus, who doesn’t love decorating with another person? We hope that by now we’ve convinced you of how beneficial dating can be — but dating can also be tiring sometimes (as romantic as it may be). There are always “extras” or unspoken expectations when dating someone new which can make dating overwhelming! This is why it’s important to establish clear expectations and boundaries early on, which you can read more about here .

     What do you think of our dating advice? Do you have some dating hacks that could help us out? Let us know in the comments. We would love to hear them! Don’t forget to like and share this article if you enjoyed it (and feel free to leave a comment below). See you next time!

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