first date ideas: Enjoy an outdoor concert

So you guys have been dating a while and, if you’ve stayed at your current dating pace, it might be time for a first date. There are many places in the world to go dating but there may not be a better place than an outdoor concert at the park.

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Dating Tips: 5 Tips To Make Your Outdoor Concert In The Park Awesome

When planning this date, try not to think of any negatives. It may turn out that you have no interest in the band or singer so plan accordingly so this doesn’t happen. Also, take into consideration what band or singer will play at the outdoor concert. Some singers aren’t meant for an outdoor, calm setting. If you are genuinely interested in the band or singer then there is no need to worry.

1) Dress appropriately. Remember that it’s an outdoor concert at a park so you definitely do not want to overdress. You should go for something what will not only be comfortable but also look nice together (i.e.: dating outfit ideas ).

2) Plan your date well in advance. The last thing you want is to show up late and rush off because of an afterparty, etc., or falling asleep because it was too early in the night to call it a night . Plan this date out so that way nothing disturbs the flow of the evening – especially if things are going well!

3) Engage in conversation. People are generally more open to dating when they are enjoying themselves and having fun. So, one of the greatest ways to make sure you both have a great time is by engaging in each other’s company. This can mean getting caught up on life events or simply asking questions about the performance.

4) Act naturally. Yes! You may be nervous dating but try not to make it obvious that you are nervous around your date/date partner . If you feel anxious look at dating advice for help . For example, if you’re thinking “I don’t know what to say” say “Do you want another drink?” Smile, relax & enjoy yourself!

5) Be prepared for any reactions after the date. This means you need to have a dating plan so that way if your dating efforts were not successful then you won’t be wasting time by dating him/her again . Having a dating plan helps alleviate this problem!

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