first date ideas: Find a Cozy Coworking Space

Image: first date ideas: Find a Cozy Coworking Space

Getting to know your first date over a cup of coffee is a classic first date move, but what about afterwards? When you’re both done with caffeine and the first round of getting-to-know-you questions, consider going somewhere that offers an equally cozy atmosphere.

It might seem strange for two people who just met to pick up and go together, but coworking spaces offer you the perfect environment. Both novices and those looking for something more permanent use these open workspaces as third places — not home or work, but somewhere in between. It’s an easy place to talk and get to know each other before deciding if it’s worth meeting again outside of the coworking space.

A first date in a coworking space is ideal for entrepreneurs and creative types alike, but it doesn’t have to be all work and no play. “We see this a lot,” says Paige Arnof-Fenn of Mavens & Moguls , a female entrepreneur networking group. “People have first dates at our events because they serve as perfect first date fodder.”

Grab lunch from the cafe or go out for coffee, then get down to business by either working together side-by-side or doing your own thing within earshot of one another so you can still chime in when needed. It’s an easy way to learn about your first date without feeling too awkward — after all, you’re both here to work.

“Ever since I first heard of coworking spaces, I’ve thought they were the perfect first date idea,” says Arnof-Fenn. “There’s an easy flow to conversations there, and it can be cozy too.”

If you’re both interested in chatting more after the coworking session is over, you might even suggest continuing your first date at a nearby bar or restaurant. Just make sure you each pay for yourselves if you’re splitting the bill, because first dates should always be on your own dime unless he offers up front to take care of it.

The next time one of your coworkers wants to grab coffee but you’d rather go for something new instead, consider suggesting that you two head down to your local coworking space first. You never know — it might just become your first-choice first date locale too.

“(A first date in the workplace) set the groundwork for what things were like outside of work,” says Stephanie Beatriz, star of FOX’s Brooklyn Nine-Nine and first-time coworker dater. “I think that’s really core to figuring out if you can do this.”

Every first date is a learning experience, after all, so try having one at a place where you can learn about each other while getting something done. It’ll give both of you some insight into how you work together even before one of you becomes the boss!

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