first date ideas: Go Ice Skating

If you need a first date idea, first dates can be tricky. It is so important to show your best self on first dates because first impressions are everything. If you have been invited out by someone special or have been flirting endlessly with the cute girl from the coffee shop, first dates should be full of positivity and amazing first experiences to help you get started!

First-time ice skating–the first time for both of you–is a great first date idea that gives both parties a chance to shine. You will have fun learning something new together and encouraging each other to push past any fears or limiting beliefs about your abilities as a skater. The more you practice at home before going out, the better! First-time ice skating dates are first dates that allow you to still be first-date fresh and interesting.

First-time ice skating dates can also be great first date ideas for those who may not have the best coordination or balance. Ice skating is a bit slower than other sports because it requires such precision, so if either of you has trouble with quick movements like spastic twitches, please consider this first date idea! You won’t win any races when ice skating, but at least there’s no pressure to show off your mad skills in front of your new crush (if you’re well practiced and an expert skater, well then I guess we’re in luck in too)!  

First-time ice skating dates could also be considered first date ideas because they are first dates that allow you to take things slowly. Not only are first-time ice skating dates first date ideas because neither of you will be “the best” at first, but they also take place in a slow environment that focuses on precision, balance, and movement. This is the kind of first date idea where flaws can turn into cute quirks together!

First-time ice skating dates are first date ideas because they are first times for both of you performing an activity together (at least initially) with no pressure to overachieve or impress one another–just fun experiences! When it comes to first impressions, there’s nothing like getting to know someone through trying something new for the first time together.

your partner is slightly resistant about first-time ice skating dates and first first-time ice skating dates first first first first first date first date first date first date first idea first idea first idea first idea first thought, don’t let this discourage you! Give them a small pep talk and remind them that the main purpose of the activity is to make new memories together. This phrase should do the trick: “What’s better than making new memories? (smile) Don’t worry; I know it looks intimidating at first, but we can definitely take baby steps towards figuring out how this works together.”

There are many things that can go wrong during your first time ice skating as a couple: falling on top of one another and embarrassing yourself in front of your partner by face-planting on the ice first date first first first first first first first date first idea first ice first time first time first time first thought, but there are also many things that can go right! First-time ice skating dates are great for allowing both of you to start getting comfortable with one another. Ice skating together is a cliche story about letting your guard down and being vulnerable in front of someone else because it’s all centered around falling—and laughter! Laughter can be easy when you’re having fun together, so don’t forget to laugh at yourself if you happen to fall during your first-time ice skating dates.

Your partner may not enjoy their experience as much as you do, so talk them through it. Remind them that first first first first first first first first first ice skating dates are not about getting it right the first time, but rather experiencing something new together. Remind them that you will be there to support each other throughout your learning curve and that’s all this is—a fun experience with a new person! If they still don’t seem too thrilled once you get on the ice, consider asking them what thoughts come up for them when they think about going ice skating. Perhaps they have bad memories of being laughed at or bullied on the ice as a child? In any case, if their anxiety seems rooted in something from their past, then try to remember that you’re here now and things won’t be like that again.

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