first date ideas: Go on a Scavenger Hunt

Geocaching is a fun way to explore a new city or improve one’s knowledge of a familiar place. Sometimes it helps to have a first date idea that isn’t sitting in a restaurant booth where conversation will inevitably wander back to the person you find yourself endlessly staring at, wondering if they think you’re interesting, too. You could try this first date activity and see how it goes! But first…

– geocache:

This can be done in pairs, but it’s better with three people so there’s someone to watch each other’s backs while the other two take off in different directions looking for caches. As we’ll explain later, having four or more participants makes things complicated and sometimes dangerous (see Warnings).

– scavenger hunt

– first date idea See “Geocaching” for more details. We recommend doing this first date activity in pairs or groups, but if it has to be done solo, make sure you have a friend on speed dial just in case your partner gets hurt.


– first date ideas: parkour There’s no reason not to combine both first date activities into one! It’ll take some coordination between the participants, but that will only help build their confidence while they’re out there risking life and limb. But first…

0) If you are new to geocaching, start off easy by walking around the city with your smartphone’s GPS enabled—no leaving home without it! You can find coordinates to your first caches on or apps like geocaching4fun.

1) Once you’ve found that first cache (the one closest to your starting point), do some research on the other coordinates in the area before moving onto more difficult terrain. Try looking for clues in old tweets, forum posts, and reddit comments.

2) If you’d rather not go alone, make it a first date idea with someone else! Take turns reading out directions until both of you reach the end goal (a little box full of trinkets).

3) Or if there are four or more people in your group, split into teams of two and then try again to read out directions together in this first date activity; but remember, it’s hard to trust strangers not to just take off with your digital camera or first edition King James bible, so you probably shouldn’t leave anything valuable in the box.

4) Once you’re confident about finding caches by yourself, up the ante and try hide-and-seek. One person hides while the other three split up and look for landmarks that can guide them back to their friend. Remember: one minute of hiding time is equal to ten minutes of searching time, so keep an accurate timer! There is significant danger when performing first date activities like this…

5) …So don’t do it at night! Caches are hard enough to find in broad daylight; if you go out hunting after dark, there’s a higher chance you’ll get hurt, lost, or attacked by dogs.

6) Always bring a first-aid kid and have a fully charged cell phone in your pocket if you do decide to go out after dark. There’s nothing worse than being stranded at the top of a mountain with no shoes, no food, and a sprained ankle while a pack of coyotes circles below.

7) If you’re going solo, it can be difficult to find caches because they usually need to be hidden near objects like trees, mailboxes (at least in an urban setting!), fences… So make sure you always keep one eye open for potential landmarks. Sometimes it’s helpful to ask strangers for help; but first…

8) Never reveal the location of the geocache, unless you first check to see if they’re wearing a first date activity t-shirt or have any other geocaching paraphernalia that would reveal their intentions. Sometimes it’s good to carry less stuff with you…

9) Think about taking less equipment now before moving onto first date ideas like parkour… 10) Parkour is also called tightrope walking for adults. The point is, don’t take anything too expensive or heavy with you on first date activities outside of your neighborhood because there are always strangers who will try to steal from you. Keep in mind: empty pockets do not equal empty hands!

– first date ideas: parkour

– first date ideas: geocaching


– first date ideas: first date activity t-shirt

-“tightrope walking for adults”

– first date activity: first date activity t-shirt

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