first date ideas: Go to a Burlesque or Drag Show

If you want first date ideas, go to a burlesque or drag show.

Drag Kings are incredibly sexy men dressed as ultra-femme women. These hilarious performers are known for their sick dance moves and gut busting humor. If you can’t make fun of yourself, who can?

The first time I ever saw Drag Kings was when my friend dragged me along to the Vagina Monologues at an all-women’s college. When it came time for “Miss Vagina” to step up on stage, everyone kept cheering until two guys in dresses strutted down the aisle—”Oh no they didn’t!” But oh yes they did!

Their over-the-top antics were the highlight of the evening. One of them was wearing a dress made entirely of red, white and blue balloons. Another one actually carried his ass around in a wheelbarrow until the first performer ran up to him with a knife. He exclaimed, “Oh no! My balloon dress is about to pop!”

Burlesque acts are similar to drag shows except performers will shed their clothes as opposed to balloons. Both types of performance are oozing with sex-appeal and cheeky humor. And if you’re lucky enough, some burlesque troupes include some sensual striptease acts that’ll leave you breathless for more.

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