first date ideas: Head to the Spa

First dates should be easy and fun. But first, you need to figure out first date ideas: first what first date idea to pick, first where first date ideas will take place first and first how first date should look first . Relax! It doesn’t have to be that overwhelming.

If it’s been a while since your last massage or you’ve never been to a spa before, then this is the perfect time for a couple’s massage. If it’s cold outside, snuggle up together under plenty of thick blankets in a dimly lit room scented with wonderful aromas from the essential oils being used on your partner. With no distractions from everyday worries, you can simply enjoy having all of your pressures released by the skilled hands of the massage therapist.

Or, if you would rather go out first date ideas instead of staying home first , then a romantic weekend getaway is just what the doctor ordered to help put that spark back in your relationship. Think big: a cozy, four-star hotel with a fireplace and a bubbling hot tub for you and your partner to relax in afterwards. After spending so much time together, it’s important to have some alone time, too!

In addition to first date ideas , there are plenty of firsts you can try together first , such as blindfolding each other for your first kiss or going skinny dipping in a secluded spot first . First dates should be memorable because this could be the beginning of something new…and wonderful!

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First dates can be stressful, but they don’t have to be! You can go on first dates that are fun, casual, low-key, or active. So first question of the day: what are first date ideas ? Well, first date ideas are any activity you both enjoy doing together – some are better than others depending on your first date goals (see below). Some first date ideas include going out to dinner , playing games at the pub , hitting up a dog park , exploring an art museum , doing outdoor activities like hiking or biking , getting drinks after work , or going to a concert .

Now, first date ideas come with first date goals. Are you looking for something casual and low-key? If so, first date ideas like grabbing drinks after work or hitting up the dog park may be you’re best options! Maybe go to dinner first, then see what else is in the area afterwards. If you want something more active but low-stress, try first date ideas like biking or hiking. Want to do something unique and fun? How about first date ideas like attending an escape game , seeing a show at the theater , checking out some live music , learning how to paint , visiting the zoo , or even getting massages ?

The great thing about first dates is that they can be stress-free, casual first dates or they can be first date ideas for first dates that you’re looking to impress with. So long as you’re yourself and having fun, first dates really can’t go wrong. Just make sure both of you are on the same page in terms of first date goals before making any first date plans!

This article is all about first date ideas ! What are some good first date activities? Let’s explore.

** More articles will talk about other dating related topics like what to do on second dates , how to act on first dates , good first message examples, etc. **

first date ideas: Head to the Spa

Photo credit: ” Couple Massage from Above ” by Andrew Bardwell via Flickr Creative Commons

First date goals: Casual first dates, low-key first dates

Description: Head to the spa for a first date! First of all, you get to double up on first date ideas and make sure your first date is chill. And maybe even some good first date tips while you’re at it. So going to a spa isn’t just a great first date idea, but a way to answer the frequently asked question “what should we do on our first date ?” in a fun and exciting way.

In order for this first date idea to work, you have to find a spa that’s either co-ed or has separate male/female areas (if that’s what you’re into). There are spas with jacuzzis, steam rooms, saunas, hot tubs, and more. Think of any first date tips you could possibly need like how to act on first dates , first date ideas for second dates , or even what to wear for first dates .

Now that’s a lot of first date activities! The best part is both of you get to enjoy the same first date idea together – talk about perfect first date ideas ! You can take turns massaging each other (best first date idea ever) or really indulge in the spa experience by getting couples’ massages (which leads us into our next first date idea!)

Couples massage! Head over to your local spa and treat yourselves to an hour long couples massage with your significant other. You can make first date conversation and get those first date tips that you need.

Photo credit: ” Massage Parlor : Photo of Cheeky Massage Salon by Salsa Copenhagen” by Fotograf Nanna Gotfredsen via Flickr Creative Commons

First date goals: Casual first dates, low-key first dates

Description: Escape rooms are great first date activities because they’re an active way to spend time with each other and there’s a lot of first date advice involved. As for first date ideas , they keep you moving and even on your toes! And don’t worry about first date tips and rules – the game itself tells you everything you need to know! Plus, escape rooms usually involve teamwork, which is super important first date advice .

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