first date ideas: Play a Video Game

If you and your first date prefer to take the action in a video game over going out, why not stay in and play? While it might seem like a first date is too soon for such an activity, there are actually some first-date viable games that won’t require you to leave the house.

Here are just a few first-date games that can be played on any console:

1. The Legend of Zelda series – Nintendo Switch/Nintendo Wii U/Nintendo Wii/Wii U Deluxe Set

The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild  is already one of the best selling Switch titles and, with good reason — it’s one of the best first-date games you could ask! Any fans who meet up to play this first-date game know exactly what to expect, as they have likely played one of the many previous games in the series. The first-date game is still approachable for newcomers, however, due to its simple mechanics. This first date game is an open world adventure that’s fun to explore with another person!

2. Mario Kart 8 Deluxe  – Nintendo Switch

Mario Kart 8  is a great first-date game for those who like games that are fast paced and easy to pick up. The first-date game provides both novice and expert players alike with straightforward items and tracks that remain largely unchanged from its Wii U version . While you’re free to choose whatever character you wish, there are some challenges that function best if you chose a character that matches your first-date partner. If they choose Mario, try to select Peach or Yoshi!

3. Overcooked  – PC/Nintendo Switch/Xbox One/PS4

Overcooked  is an easy first date game for anyone who is a fan of games with quirky premises and simple mechanics. In this first-date game, players must work together in chaotic kitchens to prepare food before their order window closes. The first-date game provides both novice and expert players alike with straightforward controls (with only four buttons), no complicated inventory management (all you can do is run around holding one item at a time) , and levels that are not too long (a typical first date lasts an hour).

4. Rocket League  – PC/Nintendo Switch/Xbox One/PS4

Rocket League  is a first-date game that appeals to everyone who enjoys soccer, since it’s essentially an interactive version of the popular sport. There are no complicated maneuvers in the first-date game, so there’s little risk for first-time players messing up your run. This first date game also provides novice players with some very powerful items that allow them to play catchup while still being able to contribute! Every player will have fun in this first date game that is easy to learn and difficult to master .

5. Puyo Puyo Tetris  – Nintendo Switch/Nintendo 3DS

Puyo Puyo Tetris  is a first-date game that is great for those with a limited knowledge of Japanese, as it is a puzzle game that contains both Puyo  and Tetris . It’s also only available on Nintendo consoles and handhelds. This first date game is easy to learn, as the first few rounds are typically used as an instructional period where either player can stop at any time to inquire about how their opponent wants to play. In the first date game, you’ll have fun mixing two classic video games into one action-packed adventure!

6. Stardew Valley  – PC/Nintendo Switch/PlayStation 4

Stardew Valley  may not be the first first person farming simulator out there, but it’s still a first date game that will keep players busy! This first-date game is full of different crops to plant and animals to raise. You can try your hand at fishing, mining, or cooking to earn money while you work on building a farm empire. Stardew Valley  is great for first dates because it lets you take things at your own pace. As long as you have enough time to prepare dinner before the other person gets there, you’ll be fine!

7. Mario + Rabbids Kingdom Battle  – Nintendo Switch

Mario + Rabbids Kingdom Battle  is an easy first-date game for families and friends who like strategy games. Although the first-date game may not look like much from screenshots or trailers, it offers an incredibly fun and engaging first-person shooter experience that’s not too complicated for first dates. It also has more of a family-friendly tone than other first date games, making it perfect for first dates with relatives or friends who you know will be present.

8. Overcooked 2  – PC/Nintendo Switch/Xbox One/PS4

Overcooked 2  is one of the easiest first date games on this list! The first date game provides both novice and expert players alike with straightforward controls (with only four buttons), no complicated inventory management (all you can do is run around holding one item at a time) , and levels that are not too long (a typical first date lasts an hour). In first date games that require a lot of communication, it’s easy for first dates to run into problems when they can’t communicate effectively. This first-date game avoids this because the players only need to know how to “yes” and “no”. It’s so easy, you’ll be able to play without even looking at each other!

9. Super Mario Odyssey  – Nintendo Switch

Mario is one of the greatest first date games in existence, and Super Mario Odyssey  is no exception! For first dates that happen in public places or venues where physical contact is frowned upon (such as bowling alleys), the first date game provides an easy excuse for accidental touching . Playing first-date games with an A button controller also reduces awkward first date simulator moments where first dates accidentally press the A button while they talk. This first-date game also lets first dates play for as long or short as they want, so it’s perfect for first dates that are only about an hour in length.

10. Rocket League  – PC/Nintendo Switch/Xbox One/PS4

Rocket League  is a first date game that has both casual and competitive elements to it, which is great news for first dates that may run into trouble when the players’ personalities clash! The first-date game provides players with a wide range of weapons and items that can be used to decimate your opponent’s car at any time. It also features an awesome soundtrack and delightfully wacky visuals that first dates will enjoy. There are so many first-date games out there, but these first date games are perfect for first dates with friends and family!

With the first date game, first dates are sure to have a great time no matter what! Not only are first date games fun for first dates, they also help people become more comfortable around each other because you can just play video games together! So break out one of these four first date games at your next first date to really impress that person sitting across from you. And who knows? Maybe you’ll have a second first date after the first!

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