first date ideas: Share a Meal—Literally

You and your date both like to try new foods. You’re relatively adventurous, but not more than is understandable. In fact, you actually prefer the comfort of home cooking—most nights you eat at least one meal cooked by someone else in your household or even your parents. But there’s something special about first dates when it comes to food: they can be a lot more fun when separated from daily responsibilities and expectations.

The first step in this type of date is picking a restaurant that lets people cook their own food. For a first date with a little bit of flare, forget going for Pizza Hut and opt for fondue instead! It’s the perfect way for two first daters to bond over their love of cheese, chocolate, and wine in an intimate setting—and in the privacy of your own pot. If you’re looking for something a little more low-key, traditional shabu-shabu places are perfect because first dates don’t have to be about high stakes or pressure. You can just enjoy each other’s company while cooking up food in one big shared pot.

Of course, first date ideas are all about being spontaneous and trying new things so go ahead and switch it up with food that isn’t necessarily “cooking” per se. For example, when you find yourself at a buffet, challenge your date to see who finishes first! It’s not exactly cooking food together but it’s still competitive in its own way—and entertaining for both parties involved.

In fact, first date ideas don’t have to be about cooking with another person. Pick alternative first date ideas that appeal to your senses and let the food do all of the talking for you! Whether it’s a ramen shop or one of those dinner theaters where they serve you in front of everyone else—these first date activities are a great way to get a first glimpse into what a potential significant other is like when they’re in a different environment.

Being adventurous is totally acceptable when it comes to first date ideas! From going out for burgers on Tuesday night to practicing foreign customs with food from around the world, going out for food is usually always an interesting idea no matter what time it may be. And if this isn’t your type of first date activity, you may want to save it for once the first few dates are out of the way or for second or third dates when things start to get more serious.

After all, first date ideas are about trying new things and having fun. If you’re the kind of person who really enjoys first date activities like this—it’s best to keep them coming because communication is key when it comes to first dates and getting to know someone.

Happy first dating! [ARTICLE END]

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