first date ideas: Stargaze Together

Have you ever looked up at the stars and not been completely amazed by their beauty? Have you ever thought about what it would be like to actually stargaze with somebody? Well, I have got some dating ideas for you that will change your life!

The dating world is full of many wild possibilities. What dating idea you choose can totally affect how your date goes. Whether it’s taking them out on the town or just hanging out in pajamas watching Netflix, no two dating ideas are exactly alike. However, there are dating ideas that are perfect if they’re done with the right person. One of these dating ideas is to go stargazing together! Here are some tips for this amazing dating idea:

1. Go somewhere scenic

The first dating idea you should implement with your love is to go somewhere scenic. The peace and quiet which you can find at places like national parks or just a really open field would be perfect for a normal date, but it will also be great for this dating idea!

2. Bring snacks & blankets

Although you don’t have to plan out what kind of snacks and where exactly you’re going to stargaze, I would suggest that you bring some snacks and a blanket! This may not seem important now, but when your stomach starts rumbling from the smells of food from nearby campsites, you’ll wish you brought along some goodies. Blankets are always good things, especially if there’s a chance of cold weather or chillier nights.

3. Pick a playlist!

Remember that dating idea was I mentioned about picking a chill playlist? This one is it! You can find any kind of music from movie soundtracks to playlists full of classical and jazz songs. Just make sure there’s some good tunes to jam out to while you enjoy the stars above you.

Now, you’re all set for your first stargazing date with this dating idea guide! Who knows, maybe you’ll meet The One under those stars… or at least have something interesting to talk about after!

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