first date ideas: Support the Local Arts

Intimidated by the prospect of finding first date ideas that aren’t lame or totally cliché? You’re not alone. 

Gallery openings, dance performances, and readings are among some charming first date options in Seattle

Seattle is a city full of culture with a number of first date worthy events happening on any given night. Whether you’re looking for something laid back or a little more daring, there is no shortage of first date ideas to consider during your search.  

Of course first dates come in all shapes and sizes but many people agree that first dates can be especially nerve-racking because they’re so crucial to setting the tone for future engagements. Whether it’s speed dating or just grabbing coffee with someone new, first dates require effort and, more often than not, a first date idea that sparks conversation and promotes first impressions.  

First date ideas should be fun but also allow for those first date jitters to settle in—you want to start something with someone new, but first you must warm up to them. The best first date ideas are ones that put a bit of pressure on the situation without pushing either party over the edge. That’s not to say first dates shouldn’t be nerve-racking because they absolutely should be, but if it’s too easy going then there will never be a need for a second date. 

So how can you ensure that your first date is filled with cute meet-cutes and engaging conversations? First dates don’t have to be awkward first encounters, they should be first opportunities to take a chance on something that may end up being great. Of course there are no guarantees in first date ideas, first date jitters or first impressions, but here are some first date ideas to consider if you’re looking for something charming without the hassle of it ending before it began. 

Seattle has its fair share of first date worthy events happening all throughout the week. When choosing your first date idea, ensure that it isn’t too overwhelming or strenuous because even though first dates can put pressure on getting to know someone new, they shouldn’t push anyone over the edge either. Consider attending an exhibition opening at one of Seattle’s top art galleries or maybe head out to see a show at one of the first class performing arts venues. There are first date worthy events happening year-round and they’re all first impression worthy. Here are some first date ideas to consider:

Unexpected first date idea: Pioneer Square Art Walk 

When: Every Tuesday from 5pm – 9pm

Where: Occurring in the heart of downtown Seattle, this weekly art walk is an unexpected first date idea because you never know what you’ll discover. Every week there will be a new artist showcasing their work so it’s guaranteed to be something different every time. The art walk is free and open to everyone, so there’s no need for tickets or reservations—just show up ready to support local artists with your charming self in tow.

A first date idea that continues on: Live Theater 

Yes, first dates are still first dates even after the first date is over. In fact, having a first date end in a wide-eyed post-mortem discussion about what you both saw is an excellent way to ensure that there’s a second date in your future. There are endless amounts of live theater options in Seattle whether it be at a local high school or at one of the first class performing arts venues. First date jitters aside, going on a first date to see a play can be especially nerve-racking so if this sounds like something you think might work for your first date then consider these three first date ideas:

A first date idea with potential for more: Paramount Theatre Embankment

When: Performances happen every day so there’s always something to see.

Where: This first date idea is perfect because it allows for first date jitters to settle in while also having the potential for more. The Embankment at the Paramount Theatre is home to first class productions, events and performances that are ongoing year-round—and they’re all first impression worthy (even after your first date). If you’re looking for a first date idea that has the potential for more then consider adding this event into your first date itinerary. You won’t regret it when you cross paths again in line for ice cream after an amazing show. 

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