first date ideas: Take a Meditation Class

For many first dates, there’s a lot of pressure to have something planned or do something exciting. The first few times I went on a first date, I would try to come up with wild and original ideas for us to do together. Sometimes it worked out, but most of the time this was a mistake.

If you’re nervous about planning your first date, take a meditation class together! Meditating is an easy way to improve your connection from the first moment you meet. It takes all of the anxiety away from the first few moments after meeting someone new because you immediately have something in common: meditation!

Meditation classes are offered in many different styles including traditional Buddhist practice and modern mindfulness practice. When registering for a meditation course make sure to check if it’s okay to attend together first.

Here are some other first date ideas that are fun, low-key, and will help you ease into getting to know each other:

Go for a walk in the park. Sometimes when I’m on first dates, my mind tends to turn off because of all of the nervousness coursing through my veins. Having the opportunity to speak in silence with someone in this type of environment can be just what you need to feel more comfortable enough to open up about yourself. It may even give you time to reflect within yourself on your own before having the chance to share what’s inwardly meaningful with another person. Getting fresh air can also get both of your minds thinking clearly! This will help those first few awkward minutes after meeting someone go by a little faster.

*If you want to try something that’s a bit more exciting, first dates at the park can be an amazing first date idea as well! Go for a hike or try rock climbing first if you’re already comfortable with it. If not, going on a walk together is definitely worth trying out!

Go for coffee or tea. In many first date situations, I find myself feeling really nervous and having trouble containing my enthusiasm. Meeting someone new is always exciting but when it comes to first dates, sometimes being so excited can come across as clinginess or desperation. A way around this issue is by finding a place where your minds can speak without you feeling as if your words are being over-analyzed.

Coming up with first date ideas that can help you first establish a rapport and later reveal your first impressions to each other is the key first step towards both having fun and finding someone worth getting to know. Having a first date idea like this usually means choosing somewhere we’re not too familiar with so we don’t have expectations of what we should be doing or how it will go beforehand. It’s also important that the first date activity allows us to relax, reflect, and develop our ability to communicate naturally with another human being in order for first dates to succeed. As you’re deciding on first date activities, think about whether or not they’ll give you an opportunity to do all three of these first date tips in the first place!

Having a first date idea like this is important because it sets the tone for your first date experience. If you’re feeling relaxed and excited to get to know someone new, then having coffee or tea is an excellent first date idea. You can talk about what drew you towards meditation or why mindfulness means so much to you in the first place. If you want something more exciting than just sitting down and talking, go somewhere that allows you to move around and be active with each other: whether that’s taking a walk together or going on a hike.

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