first date ideas: Watch an Old Movie—Outside

Perhaps the first date is a little intimidating, and you can’t decide what to do. One of my first date tips was going for a walk in the park, but what if it’s too cold outside? Here’s another first date idea: go see an old movie!

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You could choose from movies about love or even just funny movies that might help ease some of the tension from being on your first date. It’s also a good chance to get up close and personal with your date because most likely there won’t be anyone else around that will distract from the moment. Plus, you’ve got classic moves to impress them with afterwards…trust me, I was a first date skeptic until I went to a first date movie with my now-husband.

Now, what do you feel? Excited because going on a first date doesn’t have to be so intimidating anymore? Or maybe nervous because you’re not sure if your first date will turn out well? Don’t fret; here are some first date ideas! One of them might be perfect for your situation. First Date Ideas: Go On A Walk In The Park This is one of the first first date tips that I gave before (click here to see it). Going for a walk in the park can help ease some awkward tension, plus there’s no better way to get to know someone than through conversation. Although this isn’t my first first date idea, I think it’s definitely worth considering. This is also the first first date tip that my husband and I tried when we first started dating. Going To The Amusement Park If you are fairly certain that your first date will go well, this might be one of your first first date ideas to consider. It’s a lot more fun than just staying indoors on your first date, plus there are plenty of places to hold hands while riding roller coasters (I may or may not have only suggested the amusement park because it gives me some great first-date tips).

Going To A Baseball Game Depending on where you live, baseball season is almost over for most people in the US. But if you’re lucky enough to be where baseball is still relevant, this first date idea might be perfect for you. Sitting close together while watching a game can help set the mood. Plus, it’s so easy to strike up conversations about the game!

Going On A Foodie Date We all have to eat eventually…why not on first dates? If you enjoy getting to know someone over food, then first date ideas like this are great because they can lead into deep conversation topics that go beyond just “yes” or “no”. Other first date ideas of this sort are cooking classes and vineyards. They’re great ways to get some conversation flowing! There are plenty more first date ideas out there; these were just a few good ones that I thought of off the top of my head. What first date tips do you have?

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To be kept up to date with my latest articles, please enter your email address in the “Follow Blog via Email” box on this page. Thank you so much for reading! I hope this article has helped you out. Have a wonderful day! 🙂 -Nadia (Related Article: First Date Tips To Help You Not Go Home Alone)   © All Rights Reserved | Nadia Fennell Blog Of Love 2014 This first date idea can also double as an ideal one-on-one date; it depends on what you’re looking for when visiting Alamo Draft House . The first date idea is not to be confused with first date ideas like speed dating or first date tips that involve meeting the person somewhere else first; I’m strictly talking about watching first dates at Alamo Draft House .

Here are some first date tips for those who plan on taking part in this first date experience. First Date Tips For Watching First Dates At Alamo Draft House – Don’t sit in the front row. The last thing you want to do is make it awkward for your date by staring at them throughout the movie (not to mention, annoying all of the other people trying to watch their own first dates).- Order food and drinks during intermission if you need a break from conversation.- Do not yawn while your date’s first date is going on. If you’re yawning, they’ll think that first date is boring and not worth their time.- Don’t leave the first date there without offering to walk them to their car or bus stop. Especially if it’s raining outside (even if your first date goes bad, some first date tips like this should be considered).- Do everything in moderation. Sometimes stuff like first date drinking games can be fun… but only for a while, you know? Just make sure your first date doesn’t get out of hand with any first date tips like these ! I hope this article has helped; good luck on all of your future first dates!

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