first date ideas: A Day of Light Sports and Games

So first dates can be rough. If you’ve already discovered that first dates are not for you, it’s always better to find out sooner than later. And if first dates do it for you, but the person is just subpar or unmemorable, then that may or may not be something you want to go through again.

But first dates don’t have to be like this! Maybe there’s anxiety at first – let’s face it, first date jitters are real and human – but if you give yourself some slack and really make the most of your time together with some lighthearted sports games , first date ideas can even help break the ice with someone who might otherwise intimidate or completely fail to impress.

There’re plenty of first date ideas, but first dates can really take a lot of forms these days. For example, first dates might also mean first meetup s in which you already know each other’s faces and names from online exchanges and the like. The whole “getting to know you” bit is then just about putting that into action. If this sounds like your first date experience, consider having it in a public place such as an outdoor restaurant garden , where there’s space for both of you to spread out and feel comfortable – because even if first dates aren’t necessarily stressful experiences, they can still be nerve-wracking when you’re faced with the sheer possibility of rejection or miscommunication .

In fact, first dates simply don’t have to be all that ” first ” at all! There could be first dates that already feel like you’ve been seeing each other for a while. For instance, first dates don’t have to mean dinner and drinks or even coffee , if it means hanging out in the park and throwing around a football . (Though first date ideas can be as involved and serious as you want them to be!)

If first dates are your thing but first date jitters are still holding you back, take this opportunity to get accustomed with your potential partner’s company with some fun outdoor games  for first dates! Not only do these activities allow for conversation – because not everyone is adept at talking about themselves or what they want in someone else without having something else they enjoy together – but also helps for first date ideas to be first dates that you can remember .

Of course, first dates don’t always have to be the first time you spend with someone. It could also mean meeting up again with someone who is now an old friend-of-a-friend or even just a new friend . This means that first date jitters are less of a factor and gets rid of the pressure of first dates being heavy on proper first impressions.

One classic first date game is badminton , which requires some hand-eye coordination and reflexes but not so much alone as it does with keeping track of your partner’s plays. If you don’t think this sounds like your thing, however, there’s still table tennis  or beach volleyball  which are definitely first date game material.

If first dates aren’t really your thing, first meetups can also be great first date ideas! Some first meetup games include frisbee , football or simply a round of catch . These sports games might not sound like first date ideas at all but consider that you’re just meeting up with someone who’s already familiar with you. They don’t have to know everything about you right away – it can be one step at a time!

Frisbee is especially good for first meetups because the pace is relaxed enough for conversation without actually having to focus on anything but catching and throwing. If first meetups are what you’re looking for, this is definitely one of the first date games that’ll make first date ideas that much more meaningful!

Another first date idea is to take your first meetup into the great outdoors and do some first dates in the park . It’s first dates and first meetups rolled into first date games, so you can already expect them to be pretty casual. There are definitely first date activities here as well: sports like football or frisbee , outdoor versions of first date games such as badminton and table tennis , as well as other first date ideas such as picnics .

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