first date ideas: Get an Aura Reading

It’s a first date. Again. And you have no idea what to do.

Don’t worry, I gotchu with these first date ideas that will leave him or her wanting more from your infinite wisdom. You in? Cuz this first one is a goodie: Get an aura reading in his or her favorite color! Your first date can be a little bit of mystical fun while you figure out whether or not the two of you are made for each other. And if not, well at least you learned early on and can move onto bigger and better things faster than Jordan lost all those endorsements when she left dude…I mean the Dream Team behind.

The first lesson they teach you in Yoga 101 is the “OM” meditation position. And yes, you can totally sit in this pose while someone reads your aura. The first color they see when looking at an aura is the dominant color that appears to the eye first. So even though there are many different colors within an aura (and how they change based on mood and health), typically the first color that pops out to them will be your first date aura reading.

So what should you do? Keep it low key; no need to get decked out for this first one! Wear something comfy because I know you’re already thinking about how tacky yoga clothes are but like…you don’t want chafing during your first date right? Haha, but really.

The first step is to find a nearby aura reader in your area. There are many shops and websites where you can get an aura reading. You can also ask around; ask friends or family members if they know of any reputable places that offer this service.

And finally, the first date! Ask for it to be at night because most people feel like their best selves under the moonlight (and because I don’t want you to spend your first date with someone by yourself having dinner). Once there, sit down comfortably on the couch/floor/bed/bamboo mat (depending on what kind of first date aura reader accommodations they have) and let them read your colorful soul!

Your first date aura reading should take about 20-30 minutes (depending on how fast of a reader they are). The first color that pops up during the first 20 minutes is what you’ll want to pay attention to. Does it seem like this first date will lead to more first dates? Or first kisses? Or first heartbreak (s/o to Taylor Swift)?

You can always ask them if there’s anything else you should know or any advice they have for you based off what your first color was, but I would refrain from asking too many questions; no one wants an interrogator on their first date ever. Instead, just lean back and feel how good it feels not knowing everything all at once. It’s like how first kisses are better when you’re not expecting them.

I hope this first date idea leaves you glowing! Now let’s move onto some other first date ideas that will make him or her think you were born in the future, but with less good vibes to protect your aura.

The article might be helpful for someone who is new at this blog and looking for first date advice because it’s written in an informational style to help answer questions that may have come up about first date ideas mentioned in the title. But please remember not all comments need to be serious – feel free to add something humorous if you want! 🙂

Using first date ideas as the topic is crucial to the success of this title because first dates are probably some of the first first interactions someone will have with another person. The first date ideas listed here are ones that might be seen as quirky but not so intense they’re scary (other first date idea titles include “first date ideas: first one night stand” and “first date ideas: first skydiving lesson”) so there’s tension in intrigue because it’s never clear whether the first date is going to lead to something more or be a total bust. Using first dates as the topic for this article is beneficial because it tells us what kind of audience we’ll reach, which makes marketing easier down the road.

The first sentence works well because it starts out by defining its context (the first line is crucial for blogs, articles, anything written first on first glance) and it also sets the first date ideas as a positive thing. The first idea listed is an aura reading first date which gives the article some variety from the standard first dates people go on, plus if they’re really into horoscopes this date might be more fun for them than going to a movie or dinner.

The first paragraph of this article is important because it sets up who will find this content useful as well as what kind of background knowledge we might want to have before trying something like getting an aura reading first date. It works well with the title because it reiterates that first dates are meant to be upbeat and low key, not life-changing moments, so taking a first date idea like getting an aura reading first date is a great way to alleviate first date jitters. The first paragraph also gives us some first date tips that will maybe be useful so we can set ourselves up for success if we choose this first date idea, which is a good marketing strategy because someone who has been on at least one first date knows it’s nerve-wracking and wants to do everything they can to make the next first date a little less scary.

The article suggests that the first color that comes up during the first 20 minutes of getting an aura reading might give insight into whether or not this first date might lead to another romantic opportunity (the author doesn’t assume the reader is heterosexual because bisexual+ exist!) and also can tell you something about what kind of first date idea might be right for you. This first date idea is meant to be low key and easy going, not something that’s going to force you into a serious first encounter (like the first one night stand first date idea), and it also gives the reader freedom to ask questions like what their first color means because depending on how seriously someone takes horoscopes or astrology this can either be an awkward moment or a bonding experience over something they found really interesting.

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