first date ideas: Go to a Brewery

For first date ideas that are a little less nerve-wracking than a dinner or movie, consider opting for a brewery tour. This option is great because if the two of you have similar tastes, you’ll be able to drink together and chat throughout the tour—it’s sure to be an instant icebreaker. And if you don’t totally hit it off, don’t despair: The tasting room usually serves delicious snacks from local businesses so you can enjoy your afternoon of adult fun without feeling too guilty about eating away all your first date hopes and dreams.

Here are six breweries in NYC that offer first date friendly tours every weekend!

Radegast Hall & Biergarten

150 North 8th Street Brooklyn, NY 11211

This Brooklyn beer hall first opened its doors in 2005, making it the first place to serve beer on tap with their own pretzels. This spot is always packed so prepare ahead for a full day of waiting around—but with all the beers you’ll be tasting, this will seem like no time at all!

Brooklyn Brewery

79 N 11th Street Brooklyn, NY 11249

The first thing you’ll notice about this brewery is that it’s housed in an old matzo factory (how appropriate?). The first tour starts on Saturdays and runs every hour from 2-7 pm. There are also tours on some weeknights, but make sure to plan ahead; they sell out quickly!

Gun Hill Brewing Co.

3227 Laconia Ave Bronx, NY 10469

This brewery first opened its doors in 2014 and was named after a nearby Revolutionary War battle. While the first tour starts at 4:30 pm on Saturdays and runs every half hour (so make it your first stop!), check ahead for different options throughout the week!

Sixpoint Brewery

40 Van Dyke Street, Brooklyn, New York 11249

If you’re an IPA kind of person, this is the place for you. Brewed in Red Hook since 2004, Sixpoint offers tours (and tastings!) Monday through Saturday—with two different start times each day so keep an eye out when you plan.

Transmitter Brewing Co.

53-02 11th Street Long Island City, NY 11101

A visit to this brewery first requires a reservation—so make sure you plan ahead! Their first tour starts at noon on Saturdays and runs every hour.

Threes Brewing Co.

333 Douglass Street Brooklyn, NY 11217

If you want to visit Threes with your first date but don’t want the pressure of a scheduled tour (where they could be left alone in such close quarters), check out one of their many community events (like movie screenings, trivia nights and educational seminars). They’re always open for friendly visitors!

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My own rewritten variations (three per article max): When going out for first dates it’s important to pick a place where you can easily get to know each other. Some first dates want to focus on the conversation while others may be more interested in what’s on their iPhone, so ask first about how they feel about mingling with new people before making plans for where to go out. It’s always fun to catch up over first drinks but sometimes first dates are better suited for first appetizers or first walks around town—know your date and plan accordingly!

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