first date ideas: Restaurant Hop

An age old first date idea is to go out to eat. It’s a great way for two different people to get to know each other in a comfortable environment, and it opens up plenty of conversation topics.

But when you think about first dates, what do you usually picture? Two people sitting across from each other at a restaurant, trying their best to make awkward conversation and avoid looking at the prices on the menu (or maybe that’s just me).

If your first date isn’t going very smoothly, don’t force them into doing something they don’t want; instead, try something new!

To help add some excitement back into first dates (and hopefully improve your with your first date) try restaurant hopping!

Restaurant hopping is the act of going to multiple restaurants in one location, with both people taking turns choosing where they eat.

It can be something simple, but there are some things that must first be decided. Like who gets to pick first? How do you know when it’s your turn? What happens if neither person wants to go somewhere else after the first restaurant? Here are some ideas on how to deal with those questions:

-If you want to be nice about it, maybe ask them what types of restaurants they’d like to see or have an idea already of places close by. This way you don’t have any down time between locations and will have more to talk about.

-If you want to be a bit bolder, ask them first what types of restaurants they like and then choose first. This will help ensure that you both can find something that’s enjoyable for the both of you (and hopefully not too expensive).

Of course, there may be times when neither person feels like going somewhere else; in those cases, pick another place or close down your restaurant hop for the night. Don’t pressure anyone into doing it if they don’t want to go through with it!

If this is an activity you enjoy as a first date, keep doing it! It’s an excellent way to get people out of their comfort zone and try restaurants they might not normally go to.

However, if this is your first date and you’re feeling a bit nervous about it all, don’t feel pressured into doing something that makes you uncomfortable. It’s supposed to be a good experience both of you can enjoy!

Doing anything for the first time is always nerve wrecking, but getting out there and trying new things with different people is an important part of dating. So take some chances on first dates, try restaurant hopping, and have fun! We hope this article was helpful in choosing first date ideas. If you liked this article or found it useful in any way, please share it using the social media buttons below. Thank you!

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