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When first dating someone, you want to make sure your first date is a total success.

The best first date ideas are ones that get you both moving and outside. Going for a bike ride together is one such idea! Not only does it allow you to discover if this person has good balance (and likely coordination), but it takes your first date out of the house and into the fresh air where many people find romance.

Sitting down together in the park eating delicious food makes the whole setting feel very natural and comfortable. Here’s what to know about biking first dates:

  • Check with each other: Make sure neither of you have any allergies or dietary restrictions before going on a first date where food will be involved — no one wants to sit in the grass and watch someone else eat something they can’t have.
  • Make sure that the first date location is bike friendly: If you’re going to pick a park, make sure it has wide open spaces for bikes and parking spots.
  • Make sure you know your route: You don’t want to show up at a first date destination without knowing where you’re going — this will add an unnecessary level of stress when trying to figure out how exactly you get there. Instead, choosing somewhere along a famous bike route makes it feel like much less of an ordeal (and keeps either one of you from getting lost).
  • Coordinate outfits: As with any first date outfit choice, be aware of what the weather is like. If you’re biking, shorts are totally fine in most cases, but also consider bringing along a light jacket or sweatshirt just in case it gets colder than expected (and make sure both of you pack protective gear like helmets).
  • Moderate your speed: It might sound counter-intuitive to go slow first date, but this will help ensure that any first date nerves don’t overwhelm either one of you. So long as you aren’t travelling at breakneck speeds, holding hands while riding bikes can be an incredibly romantic way to open up the lines of communication and get comfortable with each other.
  • Bring along enough water: Even if your first date setup sounds perfect, you’ll need to drink lots of water while biking. It’s easy to get dehydrated even if you aren’t doing that much physical activity, so pack some bottles beforehand and make sure either one of you has access to them throughout the first date.
  • Know your route: As with knowing where you first date is taking place (and making sure it isn’t bike unfriendly), make sure both of you know exactly how far away from first date destination your parking spot is! You don’t want to arrive stressed out because neither one of even knows how long it’ll take for the other person to get there.
  • Put together a first date picnic: If your first date idea takes place in a park, first date picnic food ideas will come easily and naturally — even if you just pick up a few sandwiches and snacks from the grocery store. If first date is at a park that doesn’t have much in the way of picnic tables or grassy areas, first date picnic food isn’t out of the question, either.
  • Practice first date conversation starters beforehand: Just because first date conversation might seem like it should be easy when things are going well doesn’t mean that first outing won’t become awkward or uncomfortable in any number of ways. You can avoid this by having first date conversation starters ready to go before you leave for your first date! Try asking questions about what brought each other to this particular park (or first date destination), first date conversation starter questions that revolve around interests or hobbies, first date question ideas about first date activities.
  • Don’t eat too much: Even if first date picnic food sounds perfect at first blush, first dates are often so stressful or awkward that you don’t feel like eating! Bear this in mind when packing first date picnic food and focus more on having fun than filling yourself up (and forget the second sandwich, save it for another time).
  • Be flexible: While there might be a specific first date plan that seems like the obvious choice, both of you should be open to changing things up if something comes along that would make either one of you happier. Remember first dates aren’t about being chained to first date plans, they’re about having fun and enjoying one another’s company!
  • Don’t take yourself too seriously: First dates can be really tough because there are so many first date jitters involved. If you try your best but first date conversation just doesn’t click right away, don’t sweat it. Your first date doesn’t have to be perfect to still be a first date success story.
  • Remember that this is just the first of many first dates: Even if first goes well (and even if first has some bumps along the way), don’t get too hung up on whether or not first goes perfectly — there will almost certainly be plenty more first dates in your future (and that first date can be a fresh start).
  • Be open to first date recommendations: While first might not have been the first choice for either of you, it’s important to remain open to first date recommendations. If something works out, great! And if something doesn’t work out, too bad — but at least give first a try before deciding that first is going to suffer from an obvious case of “not being into it.”
  • Take time between firsts: It isn’t unusual for there to be a decent break between first and second dates. That way, both of you get a chance to just think about what went well and what didn’t work first date, first date ideas you might want to try again the next go-round.
  • Don’t forget first dates: While first dates can be nervewracking and difficult for anyone (and that includes people who do it often), not everyone has the same first first date — or even recognizes that it is a first date. Make sure you’re sensitive to this and ask questions throughout the night to make sure both of you are on the same page!
  • Have fun: It’s important to stress how vital first date idea compatibility is — but all bad first dates start with an incompatible couple, so don’t let having compatible first date activity ideas take away from your own experience as well as your partner’s first date ideas. Even if first isn’t great, first can still be a first date success story!

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