first date ideas: Take a Ferry Ride

A one hour ferry ride may not sound like the most exciting first date, but think about it. By the time you get to your destination, if there is a spark between you two, you can decide whether or not to go on another first date activity together.  The first date doesn’t have to be all first dates. If nothing else, at least you got outside of the house/apartment for an hour without being cooped up within four walls*, and that’s always healthy!

Not only is this first date idea cheaper than dinner or drinks, but it gives you an opportunity to talk things over before committing to anything more substantial.

*Wait until she’s really comfortable with him! A lot of times women are ‘faking’ comfort around a man they find attractive. They play the part long enough to figure out if there’s real value, then start acting like themselves once he seems genuine and worth the effort .

A lot of first dates involve dinner or drinks. If one person isn’t having fun, it makes for an uncomfortable situation because no one wants to be “that guy/girl.” That may sound counterintuitive, but let’s face it—no matter how bad you think things are going while you’re on the date, at least if both people are present while you’re sitting in front of each other, someone will eventually speak up. With first date ideas that require less commitment (such as this first date idea), individual is locked into anything longer than a first date.

This first date idea is also good if it’s your first time meeting an online match in person: one hour of total commitment is more than enough to get a feel for someone, and it’s way less nerve-wracking than the fear that you will end up spending hours on something that isn’t going anywhere.

Going on first dates can be stressful before you know whether or not they’re going to go well, but with less pressure and more of a back-up plan (like this first date idea), there’s no reason why people shouldn’t try first dates more often! This first date idea is perfect because it makes seeing each other again easy—there doesn’t have to be anything super formal about an activity like first dates, because first dates only have first date expectations.

Seriously though, first dates are notoriously awkward; if you can find first date activities (like this first date idea) that allow for conversation and self-expression without feeling like it’s a first date, your first dates should go much more smoothly. This first date idea is perfect for people who want to get out of the house/apartment but don’t want to commit to anything long or complicated – whether on the first meetup or further down the road. It’s also great for people who aren’t sure how they feel about someone just yet! Just whatever you do… tell her you’re not interested before she tells you she wants something “serious” with you .

Also, first dates are great practice for the first date you’ll eventually go on with your future spouse… so there’s always that. 😉

So instead of worrying about what you should do on first dates, just try taking a ferry ride! Trust us, it’s more fun than you’re imagining right now. With first date ideas like this first date idea , first dates become an attractive option to pair with online dating again – without any unnecessary pressure or awkwardness.

So give first date ideas like this first date idea a chance and let us know how it goes! We love our readers too much not to support them in their first-date related endeavors. After all, if they can’t find their future spouses through online dating here…

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