Online Dating Rules: Send messages freely

Are you nervous about sending messages to your matches online? Do you want to meet someone but are afraid of making the first move?

Online dating can be scary at first, especially for those of us who have waited this long to start something new. You might worry about being too shy or awkward. “What if they don’t respond?” “What if they reject me?” But keep in mind that people aren’t on these sites because they don’t want to date anyone. They’re here because the right person hasn’t come along yet. That’s why many are willing—even excited—to send messages back and forth with new connections.

You shouldn’t let being shy hold you back from meeting someone great. Sure, it takes practice before you feel 100% comfortable messaging someone new. But why not get started now? Meeting people online is all about building connections, and that starts with sending a message to your matches.

So go ahead! After you’ve spent some time browsing the site, send them a short message introducing yourself. Your opening line doesn’t need to be anything fancy or complicated; just be honest and direct so they know you’re interested, and start a conversation between both of you. You can even mention something interesting from their profile or ask for more information about something there to get the discussion going.

One thing many shy daters do is wait around too long before making contact. They might browse through profiles for weeks without ever saying hello – but that’s not how we do things in the real world, and it’s not how we do things here. If you see someone you like and want to say hello, go for it! If you don’t, then we’ll never know if there was a connection between the two of you – and isn’t that what we’re all looking for?

Don’t be shy. It’s okay to make contact with your matches online. You might even be pleasantly surprised about who responds back—you could be chatting away with your next date or new love soon! Sending messages is easy and only requires three simple steps: 1) select username; 2) write message; 3) send message. No rocket science needed—just start connecting today!

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I hope this story has inspired you to take the plunge into online dating, or to send that first message if you’ve been timid so far. Remember, it’s just a conversation with another person who also wants to meet other people! You have nothing to lose by putting yourself out there and something great to gain. Trust me—you will not regret taking the plunge!

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By way of background, the online dating industry is largely unregulated. Although some sites run background checks on their members, many do not. That means it’s up to the user to spot the warning signs of a scammer or other inappropriate behavior. It can be hard to know whom you can trust, but there are several ways you can protect yourself so you don’t become another victim online… To read more about spotting red flags in profiles, interacting with others via message boards and forums, chat options on various sites, etc., visit our How-To Guides page .

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This post was originally published on May 3, 2013 but has since been updated with new information.

When I first started meeting guys through online dating websites , it seemed like everyone around me found their perfect match within weeks…or days! It appeared that everyone was just getting lucky with multiple matches and romantic connections every week.

But when I would check my own inbox, there were only a few messages from guys who wanted to meet up over coffee or lunch—if at all. I was receiving about one or two messages a day, yet I had been signing up for the same service as many of my friends for years by then! Unfortunately, not everyone is having an easy time finding love online …and I needed to find out why.

Let’s be honest: My cute profile photos and witty profile might have attracted a few guys initially, but without any responses to their initial messages, they quickly lost interest in me and moved on.

What happened? Why wasn’t anyone responding?

The problem was, I was trying to follow all of the online dating rules without knowing what they were. In an attempt to play it cool, I would wait days or even a week before sending a response. What did that accomplish? It only made me seem aloof and uninterested—the opposite of what any single guy on these sites is looking for in a match!

What really surprised me was how willing men were to send out multiple messages a day once they knew responses were coming their way. Every time I sent one back, it opened up a dialogue where we could get to know each other better and develop a rapport with one another.

I have managed to find love online , but it took some trial and error first! I learned what it takes to make a positive impression on someone through online dating, and I want the same for you.

Here are some online dating rules to help make it easier for both of us:

3 Online Dating Rules You Must Know

  1. It’s okay to let them know “I got this.”

Women are often afraid that guys won’t respond if they approach the other person first, but receiving a message from your dream guy doesn’t have to mean your work is over! If he has made any effort at all by sending you a quick hello or question about yourself, take that as an opportunity to get the conversation going again while letting him know you appreciate his reaching out. Whether it’s something cute or funny, an invitation to meet up, or a new question about himself, show him you’re interested by sending your own message back.

  1. Don’t wait on them to make the next move!

They did already—by clicking on your profile and selecting “send a message.” You don’t have to wait for them to continue pursuing you if they aren’t doing so on their own. If you’ve found someone who seems really interesting to you, send them a short message of your own to get the conversation going!

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