Online Dating Rules: Write a profile that mirrors what you want

Your goal is to attract someone who you’d like as a potential love interest, so it’s important that your profile speaks to the type of person you’re looking for. “People tend to write their profiles with a general audience in mind because they want a certain number of matches,” Milrad says.

But if you want a deeper connection instead, your best bet is to be more descriptive about what kind of person could ignite your spark. Think about the qualities and characteristics you definitely don’t want instead of those you definitely do—and then put those things into words. For instance, maybe you’ve been burned by men who are commitment-phobic or have checked out emotionally from past relationships. Being clear on these dealbreakers will help you attract people who are more likely to be a match.

“Create your profile as if it were written for someone you know you’d like to date, but keep in mind that the words must be general enough so that they apply to many people, not just one,” Milrad says. “For example, rather than writing ‘I want an athletic guy,’ write something more general like ‘I want someone healthy and fit.'”

If you’re mostly looking for fun and laughs , short profiles can be very effective. But if you’re looking for something deeper, longer profiles tend to do better because it allows people to see what’s important about knowing you .

Be selective with what you share online—and leave out all the things that don’t show the best version of you. “Just as you would never tell a potential romantic partner about every single time that you’ve been rejected or hurt, don’t put everything on your profile,” Milrad says. “Pick and choose what’s going to enhance your attractiveness to others.”

Saying nothing is better than saying something negative—even if it’s a joke. While it might be tempting to crack a few self-deprecating jokes about yourself, try not to go there.

In short: Don’t include things that make people think less of you, but do share those things which will make them think more highly of you!

For example, if someone wants someone who is ambitious and motivated , then they should mention that sort of thing. If someone wants a partner who is creative and loves the arts, then they should mention that sort of thing.

Another example: “I can’t stand used yoga mats” but I really enjoy going to concerts” is good because it shows you don’t like used yoga mats and also references something positive (concerts). “I can’t stand lazy people” isn’t so good because it just tells people about a negative trait.

In conclusion: Clients have told me before that though sometimes they have been taught to be humble or not brag or whatever – if their profile doesn’t list great things about them, then there’s nothing visible for them and they may not attract much interest . So put those thoughts into words that are general enough to apply to many people, not just one!

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